Chrissy Teigen Made A Woman's Career Dream Come True

by Mary Kate McGrath
Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's one thing to have your life dream come true. It's quite another to find out that Chrissy Teigen fulfilled it. As E! News reports, Teigen recently paid the beauty school tuition for a woman named Mercedes Edney, donating $5,600 of the $6,000 she needed to attend. Edney, a skincare enthusiast from North Carolina, had started a Crowdfunding page to find a way to afford school, explaining on the page that she'd hoped formal training would help expand her knowledge on skincare and beauty. The fundraising goal was to raise just enough to help pay tuition, fees, and work kit costs, since the esthetician school doesn't have a financial aid or scholarship program. Edney met the goal on Friday, when a particularly generous donation was made by Teigen.

The supermodel's donation ensures that the aspiring beautician can pay for school, as her amount makes up the difference between the $300 already raised and the fundraising goal. Teigen also sent Edney a special message with the donation. "I've seen this be your passion for such a long time now," she wrote on the Crowdfund page. "So excited to see you fulfill your dream!"

Naturally, Edney was surprised, but totally thrilled, by the donation and what it means for her future. On Instagram, she posted a picture of the estethician course receipt with a special thank you note for Teigen.

"Something absolutely amazing happened last night. Many of you know how much I love skin care and my plans to attend esthetician school next month. Last night I posted my tuition fundraiser on twitter and something I never in my wildest dreams happened. My paypal alert went off, and as I looked at my phone, there was amount of $5605. I thought it was a glitch. I then look at my email and realized it came from my fundraiser," Edney wrote in the caption. "@chrissyteigen donated my entire tuition money for school. I have been crying all night and I cried in the office this morning as I paid my downpayment for esthetician school. I haven't been this happy in a very long time. Thank you Chrissy and thank you to everyone else who voted or rtd my link or have supported me this entire time. It means more to me than you'll ever know. 💜💜 #ixorabb #futureesthetician"

This isn't the first random act of kindness from Teigen; in December, she gifted a dress to a fan on a whim, as Glamour reports. However, this time she helped someone's dream career come true, and it's particularly moving. Understandably, Edney wanted to make sure the star saw how much the donation meant to her, and so reached out to Teigen on Twitter as well.

The whole exchange is just super heartwarming; it's the little moments like these that get you through the week, and Teigen's thoughtful attitude toward the world and her fans should be goals for every celeb.