Chrissy Teigen & David Chang Already Have The Best Name For Their Next Project

by Lia Beck
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner - Season 1 Chrissy Teigen making pottery in Marrakesh
Courtesy of Netflix

On David Chang's new Netflix series, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, the restauranteur visits four cities around the world and tastes local cuisine with four different celebrities. One of those celebrity guests is Chrissy Teigen, who visits Marrakesh with Chang and enjoys some steamed lamb cooked in a pit and many, many tagines. But, because they're already good friends, their episode isn't just full of food, it also shows them reminiscing about past times together and sharing stories about their family lives.

During the episode, Chang and Teigen first have a huge Moroccan breakfast together and decide they should call the show "American Chubbz" instead. (They later get Teigen's husband John Legend to sing an "American Chubbz" theme via video chat.) The duo also enjoy a meal with a local Marrakesh family, including the cutest little girl. Lastly, they take a camel ride and enjoy some tea while looking out at the sand dunes. There's more food and culture mixed in, too, including an expert Teigen and Chang speak with while taking tequila shots.

The pair clearly share a love of food and travel, but there's also a lot in the episode about family. Teigen has two young children and, when the episode was filmed, Chang's wife Grace Seo Chang was pregnant with their first child. So, Teigen gives Chang some advice about parenting and also recounts her birth experience, including why she was sure to keep Legend standing up near her head.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner is only four episodes, and Teigen is only on one 40-minute-long show, but if you watched it and enjoyed seeing her with Chang, you're in luck. The two are teaming up again for another series that sounds like it will speak to both their passion for food and for family.

Chang and Teigen's production companies, along with Vox Media Studios, have a multiyear deal with Hulu to develop food-centric shows, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter back in May. The first show will feature both Teigen and Chang and is tentatively titled Family Style. According to Hulu, it will "revolve around the ways in which people express their love for friends and family by cooking and eating together."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chang and Teigen first became friends because she was a frequent visitor to one of his New York City restaurants, Momofuku Noodle Bar. Chang is known for his Momofuku restaurant group and also for hosting the Netflix series Ugly Delicious. Meanwhile, Teigen — model, TV host, Twitter aficionado — is also huge in the food world, having written two incredibly popular cookbooks, releasing a cookware line with Target, and previously writing a food blog.

With their friendship and food knowledge combined, these two are ready to take on even more cooking series. Hey, maybe one of them will actually be called "American Chubbz."