Chrissy Teigen Snapchats Her Post-Grammys Escapade

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

I've never posed for Sports Illustrated, I don't co-host a show about lip-syncing and I've never come within smooching distance of John Legend. All the same: Chrissy Teigen's drunken post-Grammys Snapchat shows that she is not just Chrissy Teigen; she is me if I went to the Grammys (and you, if you did). She has all the fun, and these Snapchat videos prove beyond a doubt that she is living her best life right now.

Being a celebrity sometimes seems like it might be like what being a royal was like in the eighteenth century. It's fun, up to a point. Sure, you get freebies and designers lend you their clothes and you get invited everywhere, but the dignity with which so many of Hollywood stars carry themselves suggests you have to behave yourself. You've got that most undesirable of things: a reputation to maintain. Teigen, like Jennifer Lawrence before her, seems to be swerving all of that and winning the public's hearts by throwing the rule book out of the window.

She spent much of the later hours of last night documenting her post-Grammys fun with Legend. Teigen, who seemed the worse for wear, held up a game titled "Toilet Trouble" and asked “What the f*ck is this? We are going to do this, whatever it is.”

Once they laboriously slotted together the game, the pair took turns to try flushing the toilet, but poor Legend was the one who got sprayed.

Later, she changed into an orange robe and fell to the floor before stating "I'm on the floor. And John is in charge of taking my jewellery off. Take it off." Her devoted husband did his best, but we could hear Teigen her in pain as her jewelry got caught in her hair.

In the next Snapchat video, she asks Legend if he's mad at her, and he responds adorably: "Why would I be mad at you? You're perfect."

Quite. Ms. Teigen, you're the best person we know — or "know," really — and you appear to have had more fun than anyone else post-ceremony Sunday night. #Goals, guys.