Chrissy Teigen's Mom Just Wore Her Dress & Asked Instagram Who Wore It Better

David Livingston/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen is known for her hilarious one-liners on social media, but it now looks like she got her wit from her mom, Vilailuck Teigen. Chrissy Teigen's mom wore her Jimmy Fallon dress and asked Instagram who wore it better, trolling her daughter. Chrissy wore a feather-trimmed 16 Arlington dress on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on June 24. The green dress with the thigh-high slit already had Instagram buzzing, but Vilailuck increased the chatter when she donned it herself.

Vilailuck shared a split photo of her daughter on the set of Fallon's late night show, and then one of herself striking a model pose while wearing the frock. Both Teigens styled the feathery number the same way — with their hair pulled back and accenting the dress with strappy heels. Vilailuck then asked her Instagram followers who pulled off the look better. "So Who wore better?" she captioned the photo.

Her followers poured in with their votes, congratulating Vilailuck on her excellent troll and declaring it a tie. It wasn't long before Chrissy got wind of the joke, and she popped in the comments with a daughter-like eye roll. "“Oh my god you dork," Chrissy responded back.

Followers loved the comparison, and encouraged Vilailuck not to make this post a one-time thing. "This should become a weekly thing," one follower said. "Can we get more of these? I am definitely here for this! Both look amazing — I give it to Pepper on presentation!!" another commented.

Another follower captured all of our thoughts perfectly in their comment, writing, "Pepper and Chrissy you two are the cutest mother and daughter duo. You both shine!"

Vilailuck is one of those Insta-moms you can't help but follow. She has nearly 200,000 followers and is constantly sharing photos of her meals and vacations, just like Chrissy. Her grandchildren, Luna and Miles, also make a constant appearance, but it's Vilailuck's trolling photos that keep fans tuning in for more.

Way back in Aug. 2017, when Vilailuck was in Venice, Italy, she made a jab at her daughter's Instagram stardom. Posing on a cobblestoned street, Vilailuck wrote, "@chrissyteigen teach me how to post."

Then in 2017, Vilailuck poked fun at Chrissy's hate for her sausage stuffer. Vilailuck bought the kitchen tool to make homemade sausages, which Chrissy documented on Twitter with videos and commentary. "What is my life" Chrissy captioned as her mom slowly put meat into a sausage casing.

There were five videos in total, and Chrissy's disgust escalated with each one. "I am. Gonna barf," Chrissy wrote underneath a video where Vilailuck tied the casings into links.

When you make sausage, you have to hang the links in the end to make sure the mix binds together properly, so Vilailuck decided to gross out Chrissy further by hanging the links over Chrissy's kitchen pendants. "OH MY GOD," Chrissy captioned the video in horror.

It appears that Chrissy lost that battle, though, because Vilailuck posted a photo onto her Instagram proudly showing the links still hanging over the lights.

From food adventures to Who Wore It Better contests, Vilailuck knows how to troll her daughter.