Chrissy Teigen Is Bringing On A Neopets Revival, But Fans Need One Major Question Answered

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Almost everything she tweets turns into internet gold, so it's no surprise that when Chrissy Teigen said she missed Neopets via Twitter, nostalgic fans of the early-2000s game could not contain their excitement. Teigen's tweets about Neopets didn't end there, though. She also admitted that she was basically an expert at the game, and shared some of her very qualified credentials — including that she won a caption contest that fans are now trying desperately to find.

"I miss neopets," she wrote on April 19. For those who aren't familiar, Neopets was a kid-focused virtual community, where players tended to their adorable online pets — their "Neopets" — by completing quests and collecting currency.

The game was launched back in 1999 (and still exists to an extent today), but recently reappeared in the news again after an April 18 story from The Outline reported on connections between the company and Scientology. Teigen's nostalgia for the game could have very well been sparked by talk of The Outline's story.

"I was a comment board moderator," Teigen continued on Twitter. "I won multiple caption contests. I've basically been told to barely move and let my baby grow so f*ck it, I'm going back on neopets."

OK, so, Teigen didn't just play the game — she was like, a Neopets superfan. Some might even go so far as to say that she was a Neopets expert, based on her position as a comment board moderator and her multiple caption content wins. Impressive.

Teigen's second tweet also seemed to reveal that the pregnant star has been put on bed rest leading up to the birth of her second child, which is something that's suggested by doctors to prevent premature labor, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Being stuck in bed 24/7 can also be a pretty big bummer, so at least she's got Neopets to keep her entertained for the time being.

"[Oh] my god neopets has not changed a bit," Teigen's third tweet about the game read. "[The] omelette...is still cooking." The "omelette" Teigen references is, as per The Daily Neopets, a massive, omelette-shaped beast that magically cooks up and doles out omelette slices for players to feed their pets once-a-day.

"I vaguely remember these concepts," Teigen continued in another tweet. "I remember the faeries. The paintbrushes. The guilds, kind of. But only specks of them. Father Time has stolen my youthful memories of neopia and instead replaced these innocent times with tattered images of a world once simple and kind, (1/59)."

The "(1/59)" part was obviously a joke — Teigen's thread about Neopets pretty much ended after that — but there's no doubt that she could wax poetic about the game for that long if she wanted to. As per her earlier tweet, the woman is essentially an expert.

It's also safe to assume that if Teigen did decide to fire off 59 tweets about Neopets, her fans would definitely read them. People were elated to learn that she loved the game, and immediately started chiming in with their own memories from the '00s fad. In fact, at the time this was published, Teigen's first Neopets tweet had been loved more than 78,000 times, with 18,000 re-tweets and close to 1,000 comments.

In response to Teigen's tweets, some fans commented with their favorite memories of the game. Other fans were just thrilled to know they had something in common with such a big star. One fan even pointed out that he had noticed Teigen's name as a caption contest winner years ago, but that — up until now — she hadn't confirmed it was actually her. Teigen's winning caption is MIA from the page — which is odd because all of the other winners and their captions are listed — but rest assured that fans are working hard to find it.

Hopefully, revisiting the nostalgic game and chatting about strategies with fellow players on Twitter will help Teigen get through her bed rest days ahead. Her Neopet tweets definitely got fans excited about getting back into it, so perhaps its time we all stop what we're doing and check on our old virtual pets.