Here's All The Food Chrissy Teigen Had At Her Super Bowl Party — And How You Can Get It

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Half the fun of watching the Super Bowl is eating all of the things, and Chrissy Teigen's Super Bowl Party spread looks absolutely next level. Teigen posted about her Super Bowl party on her Instagram story, showing her followers all of the food she ordered while she enjoys the Big Game. "This is not an ad, but this company fascinates me," Teigen said in her Instagram story on Sunday night. "It delivers directly from the restaurants, their most famous foods."

The company Teigen is referring to is Goldbelly, which is what she used to order a mouth-watering array of treats, including Philly cheese steaks, Muffulettas, and giant chocolate chip cookies. Talk about a total upgrade from chips and dip and hot wings. Not that there's anything wrong with eating those during your Super Bowl Party, but if you have any desire at all to partake in what Teigen is having, you totally can.

Goldbelly is an online food marketplace that finds those local and regional faves and makes them available to anyone from anywhere across the nation. That means someone in Minnesota can try a Philly cheesesteak restaurant that people in New York are raving about without actually having to travel to New York. Pretty rad, right? If some of Teigen's spread looks pretty tasty to you, here's how you can your hands on what you saw in her Instagram story.


Pat's Cheesesteaks from Philly

Pat and Harry Olivieri are the creators of Philidelphia's most iconic food item: the Philly cheesesteak. Try one of Pat's cheesesteak's in packs of four for $99, eight for $179, or 12 for $219.


Prince Street's famous Spicy Square Pizza

Prince Street Pizza in New York has become iconic for its square-style pizza. There are several square pizza options you can try that serve 16 people starting at $190.


Blue Smoke BBQ

Blue Smoke BBQ might be located in New York, but its barbecue traditions are rooted in the American South. There are several different platters you can try ranging from $79 to $199, including homemade BBQ chips and bacon blue cheese dip or the 60-pack of Alabama white sauce chicken wings. At the time this article was written, all of their platters were sold out.


Central Grocery Muffulettas From New Orleans

The Central Grocery Store first opened in the heart of the French Quarter in 1906, and that's where this now-legendary muffuletta was created. Not only can you try the muffuletta starting with a two-pack at $109 that serves six to eight people, but you can also try the olive salad that tops this famous sammie.


Blue Owl Mile High Apple Pie From Missouri

The mile-high apple pie from Blue Owl Bakery based in Missouri comes piled with 18 hand-peeled and hand-sliced apples. Get the mile-high apple pie shipped to your house for $99, or try the butterscotch pecan pie for $59, the German chocolate pie for $49, or a range of other super yummy-looking bakery items.


T-Rex Giant Choc Chip Cookie From Minnesota

T-Rex Cookie Company, which is based in Minneapolis, makes cookies that are a half-pound each. And they're really good, too. Time Out Magazine named their sea salt caramel chocolate chip cookies the no. 1 best cookie in America back in 2016, according to Goldbelly. You can try the giant chocolate chip cookie for $99 and a number of other really delicious-looking bakery items, like the baker's choice giant cookies 10-pack for $99.


While it's really amazing if you're able to visit some of these places to try some of these dishes, in the meantime, you can order up some of the ones you'd like to try right now from the comfort of your own home.