Baby Luna's Dance Skills Are Unparalleled

by Allie Gemmill
Stephen Brashear/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

After already proving she can play the piano, it's been revealed that the absolutely precious progeny of power couple John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, Luna, dances better than any of us. Arguably one of the cutest tiny humans around right now, little Luna's dance moves were captured on Teigen's Instagram earlier this week. It's absolutely the best video you will watch all day. Maybe even the best thing you will watch all month.

Arguably, it's hard not to watch this video and just burst into a huge smile. The kid's got some mad dancing skills that indicate she's a mover and shaker, just like her famous parents. Better still, she's clearly not going to hide her talents. Why would she? With her grandmother dancing behind her and providing a little beat to dance along to, these are probably the most perfect conditions under which to shake your booty; you've got the right idea on this, Luna.

Teigen, for her part, appears to have done the filming and put a cute AF caption alongside the video: "Get it girl!" Get it girl, indeed. Luna is truly just a ray of sunshine, and this dancing video is all the proof you need.

Are you really surprised though that this sweet child, who recently turned 1, is already showing an aptitude for goofiness, while also showing yet another one of her developing artistic inclinations? Because not only does Luna dance, but as mentioned earlier, Teigen recently shared a video of her playing around on the piano. It's only a matter of time before she starts singing like her dad, or cooking up something delish in the kitchen like her mom.

If anything, this video is another reason to take a deep dive on Teigen's Instagram and revisit all the times her daughter was the absolute cutest. Go ahead and look — you know you want to.