This Designer Sent Cheetos Down The Runway & Honestly It's About Time NYFW Had Snacks

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Clothing might be the center of Fashion Week, but it truly is all about the details. Especially when unconventional items are used as accessories. Chromat models walked down the runway eating Cheetos at New York Fashion Week, making the brand the instant winners of the week. This isn't the only refreshment that hit the runway, which made the runway simultaneously relatable and surprising all at the same time.

Chromat is known for pushing the boundaries of fashion. The brand's self-proclaimed "future forward bodywear" is just a small part of the way that they've helped redefine fashion. On top of the quirky outfits and color schemed, Chromat features models of all shapes and sizes in their runway shows and campaigns. Not even pregnancy is off limits. So it only makes sense that the accessories do the same.

While not every model was carrying Cheetos, the ones that did made sure that they were seen. One model had a bag strapped to the side of her pants, while another had them in her hand and was eating them down the runway. Because it's about time that New York Fashion Week had snacks.

Unfortunately, they did not share with the crowd, but it still made for a pretty interested part of the show. Bustle reached out to see if Cheetos worked with the brand of if this was just a spur of the moment snack for the models.

Apparently, this wasn't the only snack to hit the Chromat runway, either. According to the brand's Instagram post, one of the models walked down the runway with a Red Bull cans in the pocket of the cargo-esque pants. The bottles were seen through the multiple mesh pockets on the bright blue pants. There's no word on whether or not this is a sponsor, either. It's worth noting that Red Bull and Cheetos are owned by different companies.

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The color scheme of the outfits fit right along with both Flamin' Hot Cheetos and Red Bull. Some of the outfits were red and orange and others were black and blue. Coincidence? I think not. The entire collection was all about fun colors, bright makeup, and quirky accessories.

Cheetos and Red Bull were only the beginning of the quirky looks seen on the runway. Other models walked down the catwalk wearing pool noodles stuck to their bodies. There were also matching accessories around the room of the event as well. Bottom line: this was hands-down the most fun fashion show that you'll see all week.

The brand also featured models of all sizes at the New York Fashion Week Show. It should come as no surprise, since the brand has made it a part of its' mission to include and design for everyone. "Chromat is focused on empowering women of all shapes and sizes through perfectly fit garments for every body," the brand's about section of the website reads.

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Fans are loving the addition of Cheetos and Red Bull into the high fashion show too. Because, well, everyone loves a good snack. There is a magical way that the edible accessories fit into the looks so effortlessly too.

Warning: these photos will make you want to buy the pants, just so you have a chic way to carry around your snacks.

Exclamation mark is definitely needed. When's the last time you say an accessory that you could actually afford hit the runway? Rhetorial question.

In case you were wondering why people love this brand, this is why.

The models didn't just carry the bags down the runway and use them as accessories. One grabbed a little snack on her walk, which, let's just call it like it is, is genius.

Fans of the brand loved seeing all the different body types on the runway as well.

If all high fashion runway shows had snacks, the world would instantly be a better place.