Clare Crawley's 'Bachelor' Past Shows She Won't Tolerate BS As Bachelorette

Rick Rowell/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

The next Bachelorette has been revealed, and one thing viewers already should look forward to next season is a huge dose of brutal honesty. Clare Crawley is the new Bachelorette, and fans who watched Juan Pablo Galavis' infamously disastrous season of The Bachelor should actually be excited. As seen on The Bachelor, Clare is not one to suffer fools, and her no-BS attitude will surely be a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Clare has been a familiar face in Bachelor Nation for a few years now. After competing for Juan Pablo's heart in 2014, she appeared on the first two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise, in 2014 and 2015, and even partook in the one-off Bachelor Winter Games in 2018. She actually found love on the slopes, getting engaged to Benoit Beauséjour-Savard, but they broke it off a few months later. And now, she's back, handing out the roses as The Bachelorette.

Despite her many memorable appearances, it's her debut on Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelor that really stands out in Bachelor history, if only for her no holds barred take down of the Bachelor fans loved to hate. As a contestant, she hooked up with Juan Pablo at one point in the season and caught flack from him afterwards when he said it was disrespectful to his daughter. Juan Pablo put all the responsibility on her, without taking any accountability. They still hooked up again later, with Clare making the final two. But at the Final Rose ceremony, things really went south.

During their final date, on a helicopter ride, Clare was asking Juan Pablo to tell her that he loved her, and he replied with a shockingly offensive and out-of-the-blue remark, saying "I barely know you but I loved f*cking you." Despite the insult, she stuck it out until the Final Rose ceremony, where she was dumped in favor of the winner Nikki.

After being told that she was the runner-up, Clare let Juan Pablo have it in the best way possible, letting him know, "I've lost respect for you," among other zingers, before she finally delivered the kicker: "I would never want my children having a father like you." She walked away, showing fans everywhere that not only was she over Juan Pablo, she wasn't going to tolerate any of his nonsense.

Given what viewers seen of Clare so far — including her hilarious raccoon therapy moment — and that she's the oldest Bachelorette to date (she'll turn 39 in a matter of days), it's safe to say that she will be a nice change of pace from younger contestants who are still figuring out what they want in a relationship. Viewers have seen her deal with the worst, and now, she won't settle for less than the best.