Clues That Ronnie Isn't Savitar On 'The Flash' Point To Another Secret Identity

Dean Buscher/The CW

The Flash has been been speeding into the future this season, while still maintaining its balance of playful humor and heavy emotional moments. And that's what I love about it. The show walks the line between making me laugh, showing me cool comic book fights, and forcing me to become invested in the stories and characters. This season the team has been fighting a big bad who has proven to be both dangerous and practically unstoppable: Savitar. With Killer Frost now partnering with Savitar, many are speculating whether he's her presumed deceased ex. But it's not a perfect theory. These hints that Ronnie isn't Savitar on The Flash point to another possibility.

Savitar runs fast, knows the team well, and has been threatening Iris West's life since he was first introduced. He's also been taunting Barry relentlessly, and calling himself the "God Of Speed." In the April 25 episode, Savitar reveals himself to Caitlin (though not to the audience), and Caitlin immediately decides to trust him. That loyalty set the internet abuzz about Ronnie, since the person underneath Savitar's armor appeared to be a man and Ronnie was the love of Caitlin's life. While I am not denying that this is a possibility, that answer might be a little too easy. Here's why:

1. "My Child"


When trying to figure out a season-long mystery, details become important. So, let's start with some interesting wording. When Savitar unmasks himself for Caitlin, he calls her "my child". While this may seem like a dramatic greeting, it could also be a clue that Ronnie isn't Savitar. Ronnie and Caitlin were lovers, which makes his greeting just weird.

2. Savitar Knows H.R.


Harrison Wells has had many faces over all the seasons of The Flash. Savitar seems to know this version, H.R., extremely well. As far as fans know, Ronnie is not familiar with the wannabe author and eccentric mentor. Meanwhile, Savitar knows each member of the current team inside and out.

3. Inside Job


For all the silliness The Flash delivers, it is also a show based on heartbreaking reveals. The mentor that turns out to be a nemesis; the lover that must sacrifice himself to save the person he loves. If I could think of the most dramatic option for Savitar, it would be to have a trusted member of the team be under the mask and not someone we haven't seen all season.

4. Future Flash


There have been many clues that Savitar is a future version of the Flash himself. The themes of this season have been time, fate, changing destinies, and consequences. Barry Allen starts off the season by creating an alternative timeline which negatively affected many of his friends. It's possible that Future Barry feels the guilt, and it twists him into a villain.

5. Other Options


As far as I'm concerned, anyone on Team Flash could be Savitar. Cisco Ramon certainly started the season angry at Barry for changing the timeline and killing his brother. Julian Albert tows the line between good and evil. Both are faces who Caitlin might trust. H.R. may be more than his goofy exterior, and this wouldn't be the first time that someone with his face has betrayed the team. With several viable options, it becomes less and less likely that Ronnie is Savitar.

6. Motivation Is The Key


My biggest doubt comes from the lack of motivation. When they're together, Iris and Barry are adorable and filled with joy. Whoever wants to destroy that, needs to have clear-cut reason. Savitar was tortured in the Speed Force, which gives partial motivation for his mortal enemy status. But why are Barry and Savitar enemies to begin with? I don't think that Ronnie answers that question.

Whether he's Ronnie or someone else, the team needs to unmask Savitar so they can finally have some hope to defeat him. And hope is what makes The Flash the show that it is.