Would You Try This New Coffee-Flavored Butter?


Step aside, Nutella — there’s a new spreadable in town. A dairy company based out of Japan has just introduced a new coffee butter to its line of products. That’s right: Caffeine lovers in Japan can now forgo their espresso in the mornings and just put coffee on their toast instead.

According to Rocket News, Megmilk Snow Brand is known for selling various kinds of butter, cheeses, and desserts, but its biggest seller is actually its Snow Brand Coffee. The milky coffee was launched in the early ‘60s, and with its 55th anniversary approaching, the company decided to honor it by creating a new product around it. Enter Snow Brand Coffee Soft, a coffee-flavored, margarine-like spread that can be used on bread or pastries.

As its name suggests, the coffee butter preserves the flavor and fragrance of the original drink, but can be spread on anything you want, from croissants to pancakes to plain ol’ toast. I know, I know, it sounds a little bizarre. But then again, we have coffee ice cream and coffee liqueur, so why not coffee butter too?

The new buttery product will reportedly be launching next month, but — unfortunately for us stateside coffee junkies — it will only be available in supermarkets throughout Japan.

Megmilk Snow Brand

So for the time being, it looks we’ll have settle for satisfying our caffeine craving with just a regular cup of coffee, toast on the side.