Coffee Butter Is A Real Thing That Exists In Japan

It definitely seems like everything that's wacky, weird, or cool comes from Japan — and probably because it's true. And now we can add a miraculous breakfast spread that's a coffee butter combination to that list. Japan's Megmilk Snow Brand most popularly known for their Snow Brand Coffee has created specialty butter in honor of their 55 year anniversary.

The spread is dubbed Snow Brand Coffee Soft to emphasize the creamy texture. The company suggests that people use the spread just as they would with margarine or butter. You can spread it over any of your breakfast favorites like toast or waffles or pastries to have your coffee and eat it, too. Or, you can go full-blown dessert and use the spread as an icing between cake layers.

Now that you're salivating and running to local grocery store to raid the Japanese food aisle, here's a little bad news: it's not available in the U.S.. Yeah, about that. Sorry for misleading you to believe that this buttery caffeine-infused spread would be a new addition to your morning routine. While the people of Japan get to consolidate their caffeine fix and breakfast fill, you'll be stuck wasting time on both tasks separately.

Unfortunately, while it will hit grocery stores nation-wide in Japan on Mar. 1, the company has no plans of expanding to markets over here. So, here are your options:

Take A Trip To Japan

Stephen Brashear/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you've been thinking about taking a trip to Japan, March is a great time to make it a reality. Head over there and stock up on that coffee butter, your breakfast mates in the states are relying on you! Bring as much as you can!

Have An Instagram Fantasy Affair

Robin Marchant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Like all wacky food trends, coffee butter is sure to end up on Instagram. If you can't get your hands on it, you might as well drool over some food porn on the internet, amirite? I mean, it's definitely a place to start.

Make Friends With Someone In Japan


If you don't have the means to go all the way to Japan to get a breakfast condiment, I feel you. But that doesn't mean you can't use your resources to get some for yourself. Scroll through your contacts and your internet friends and find someone who lives in Japan or who is visiting Japan — you've got to know someone! Ask that person to bring you back some!



If you can't get to Japan, you don't know anyone in Japan, and looking at pictures of coffee butter on the internet will simply not be enough for you, write a letter to Megmilk Snow Brand and beg them to expand their supply to the U.S.. Stranger things have happened ...