ColourPop's Big Box Of Lippie Stix Will Get You 48 Shades For Just $3 Each

Courtesy of ColourPop

Lipstick fans, you're in for a major treat care of Colourpop. The internet based brand known for their affordable pricing and quality product is dropping a vault of lippies for a price that may blow your mind. The new ColourPop Big Box of Lippie Stix is a 48-piece set of the brand's famous matte formula lipsticks that have been bundled and put on super sale. With the release of the collection, it's a good day to be a ColourPop (and lipstick) fan.

The brand's Big Box of Lippie Stix features nearly every shade of red, pink, nude, and coral you could need in your lipstick collection. Whether you want a nude shade to go with a perfectly blended smoky eye or you need a deep, terracotta hue for a bit of extra drama for the day, there's a Lippie Stix for that, and it's in this collection. While the fact that you're getting 48 distinct shades with just a single purchase would be incredible on its own, the greatest thing about this set is the price tag.

According to the ColourPop website, the Big Box of Lippie Stix retails for just $150. Considering that it's a $288 value, it's going to be hard for lovers of the brand to pass this deal up. Sure, $150 isn't exactly chump change to most people, when you break down the cost of each individual lipstick, this vault becomes harder to resist. With 48 shades and a $150 price tag, the Lippie Stix inside retail just over $3 each. ColourPop is basically offering half off the lippies' original sale price of $6. They're now likely less than the cost of your Starbucks order.

I'll take a venti lippie instead, please!

The price reduction isn't the only perk of the box set, though. ColourPop has also made it easy for you to purchase the set if you're on a budget through Afterpay. If $150 is just a bit too steep for you right now, the Afterpay program will let you pay for the Big Box of Lippie Stix over four months for just $37.50 each month.

Courtesy of ColourPop

If, however, Lippie Stix aren'y for you or if you want something to pair with your new collection of 48 shades of lipstick, ColourPop has a second new kit that you may want to add to your collection. The brand is also offering a set of all 40 of its Lippie Pencils. The Big Box of Lippie Pencils retails for just $100 when its actually a $240 value. Each of the pencils instead are just $2.50 each if bought in the kit — a half off discount!

Clearly, ColourPop wants you to have the best summer lipstick game of your life.

If you can't possibly have enough lipstick in your life, love the brand's formula, or just won't pass up a good deal, the ColourPop Big Box of Lippie Stix may just be your treat yo' self moment of the week. Plus, with 48 lipstick, you can always just think of it as an investment in your future lip looks, right?