Colton & Cassie’s Latest Date Night Included All The ‘Bachelor’ Couple’s Favorite Things

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

From their own reality TV journey to their low-key date nights, The Bachelor's Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph are known for doing things their own way. Most recently, The Bachelor's Colton and Cassie had a date night that contained all of their favorite things. In other words, it was all kinds of perfect.

Both Colton and Cassie posted about their most recent get-together, which consisted of everyone's favorite meal, pizza and wine, and some good company. Naturally, they shared a couple of selfies from their date night, including one that Cassie captioned with:

"Ventura Blvd at midnight right after eating an entire pizza & sharing a bottle of wine. I kinda feel like it was a makeshift version of date night in Paris🍕🍷"

Sounds like they had a date night that could rival the most exciting ones shown on The Bachelor. Like his girlfriend, Colton also posted a selfie, which happened to be one of the many that the couple took that night. He captioned the snap with, "date night. this was my favorite out of the 1,000 selfies we took." After finding love on the reality TV staple, it's nice to see that Colton and Cassie are taking a more simple and relaxing approach to their relationship, particularly when it comes to their relatable date nights.

If you follow the pair on social media, you would know that they have a penchant for pizza-related date nights (which is more than a tad relatable). On March 31, Colton posted a gallery of photos of the two in the midst of one of those pizza dates, writing, "Let’s have date night and eat pizza every day."

In early April, Colton and Cassie attended the ACM Awards, where they opened up about taking a low-key approach to their relationship now, especially after being in spotlight while on The Bachelor. During their interview with Entertainment Tonight, the couple were asked about how life was going after their time on reality TV, to which Cassie replied, "It's going well."

"Very well," Colton added, "We’re trying to live as normal lives we can. We’re enjoying it, we’re having fun and, I mean, look, [being here] is crazy." He went on to explain that they may be taking things slow when it comes to their relationship, but that they're still thinking about a possible engagement in the future. "I think, right now, at this point in our relationship, we’re enjoying this, trying to be as normal as possible," he said, "But you know, we’ve talked about our engagement and talked about taking the next step in our relationship and [decided] one thing at a time."

They may not be getting engaged anytime in the near future, but they've taken some other important steps in their relationship. In late March, Cassie revealed that she moved to Los Angeles and just so happens to be closer to Colton, per ET, which she described as a major "bonus." According to People, the two aren't planning on officially moving in together until they're engaged or married. But, living near each other is still a big step for the pair.

While Colton and Cassie are taking a slower approach to their relationship (particularly, in comparison to some other Bachelor couples), it's clear that these two reality lovebirds are doing things in their own, perfect way.