This $240 Luxury Tote Was Seriously Made Of Your Fave '90s Childhood Bedsheets

Millennials love anything that reminds them of their childhood, which is why the '90s and early 2000s have been so hot for the last couple of years. But one designer in particular has decided to skip the whole turn-of-the-century-trend route and just went straight to the source: our kid bedrooms. Comme des Garçons Shirt made totes out of childhood Barbie sheets, and it is next level nostalgic. If you think you got sentimental having pinafores and Lisa Frank folders come back into adulthood, just wait until you see what this new bag will do. It will throw you right into first grade, when you had glow in the dark stars on your ceiling and a wreck of Legos in the closet.

The tote is a considerably-sized bag, letting you fit everything from your groceries to your laptop comfortably in there. It's 18 inches in length and 15 inches in height, to give you an idea. It's made out of PVC, giving it a plastic but sturdy-like quality, but the main attraction of the purse is obviously the prints. The bag is split in half, where one side has a patchwork of Star Wars bedsheets, and the other half has a Barbie motif. And the coolest part? Comme des Garçons Shirt is the men’s diffusion label of the original brand created by the iconic Rei Kawakubo, which means that this bag is unisex. And in a world that is strict with it's gender representations and codes, it's a breath of fresh air to have included a Barbie motif on a men's bag, allowing them to explore something that isn't strictly masculine.

The bag itself comes with two short handbag handles, and the inside has additional pockets to help organize the contents of one's items. And then to give that logo flash to show people you have a designer item, the Comme des Garçons Shirt logo is printed in white across the front.

If you're interested in getting the tote for yourself, it's luckily on the more affordable side, considering it's a designer bag. It's $240 and you can get it in shops like SSENSE.

This bag is similar to the Picnic Sheet Tote Bag that the brand released earlier, and which has since sold out. It was also made out of a PVC material, but instead of bedsheets it took a picnic sheet motif that rocked bold stripes.

As you can see it has a woven texture, which is not too different from the affordable market bags people buy to carry their groceries or flea market finds in. It's kitschy chic.

The brand also created Plastic and Paper bags, which look like totes made out of brown paper bags. It kind of looked like a grocery bag stamped with the Comme des Garçons Shirt logo across the front, contrasting the high end label with a grocery store staple. These kinds of juxtapositions are exactly what makes the brand so playful and genius.

If you want to rep your childhood in a big way, then this Barbie and Star Wars tote is just the thing.