Converse Launched Shoes For Pride Month & You HAVE To See The Trans Pride Flag Pair

Courtesy of Converse

The fight for acknowledgment and acceptance that love is love remains an ongoing battle for LGBTQA+ people. However, queer and trans folks continue to persevere, so celebrations are in order as Pride Month nears. And to help push festivities along, Converse just launched its 2019 Pride collection. Queer or not, fans will dish over every single shoe in this line.

Converse has been launching consistent Pride-inspired collections since 2015 according to a press release from the brand. The annual celebration of Pride-inspired sneakers began with the LGBTQA+ members within the company and has grown into a super fun statement collection for this year’s Converse drop that marks the 50 anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, a resistance movement to stop homophobic and transphobic brutality.

“The collection aims to pay respect to the rebels and heroes who continue to pave the way and to celebrate who we all are as individuals,” the press release states.

The capsule collection features 12 pairs of loud, attention-grabbing designs in Converse’s Chuck Taylor and Chuck 70 styles. Shoppers will find high tops dipped in glitter, low tops doused in several color ways, and "Pride bottoms" with the rainbow flag and trans pride flag displayed the on the rubber soles.

In addition to all the boldly-printed sneaks, Converse is debuting its first pair of shoes with remnants of the trans pride flag throughout two of the designs.

Converse’s 2019 Pride collection is already available online where prices range from $60 to $100.

Here are all the best picks in this Pride-full collection.

Shimmering Rainbow Chuck 70 Pride High Top

These sparkling high tops is black magic on one side and rainbow wonder on the other. The outer Pride flag side of the shoe features a glittery lightening bolt with the Converse logo is reimagined with the Pride flag on all the sneakers.

Rainbow Chuck 70 Pride Low Top

Keeping in tune with the times, Converse also offers these low top platforms ridden with Pride appeal on the shoes' uppers. Who needs a pop of color when you can have all of them?

Silver Shimmer Chuck 70 Pride High Top

Although these striking sneakers will give fans 80's Jenna Rink vibes, they truly honor the colors of the trans pride flag in pink and blue. These cute high tops hold nothing back with glitz and shimmer all around in silver and blue glitter.

Gray Chuck Taylor All Star Pride High Top

The other pair of sneakers inspired by the trans pride flag are these gray, white, pink, and blue high tops. Designed with the trans pride flag on the rubber bottoms and a black lightening bolt on the side, these make for a striking pair of kicks.

White Chuck Taylor All Star Pride High Top

These $65 Chuck Taylor All Stars are the most subtle pair of sneakers in the bunch. However, they still honor the Pride movement with its rainbow accents on all sides.

Rainbow Lightening Bolt Chuck Taylor All Star Pride Low Top

From afar, these low tops appear to have polka dots. Upon closer inspection however, these shoes' "dots" are actually mini lightning bolts that make up the staccato stripe pattern in the shoes. These babies retail for $60.

While rocking these Pride-inspired sneakers, you'll definitely be walking on sunshine and rainbows.