Converse Is Launching Updated Versions Of Its Classic All-Stars, But Made Out Of Recycled Materials


If you've been trying to think of ways to live a more sustainable life, especially when it comes to what you're wearing, then the new Converse Renew sneakers may be right up your ally. Made out of materials such as up-cycled textiles, recycled PET — otherwise known as plastic water bottles — and the brand's own second-hand cotton canvas blends, the iconic shoe line is putting a spin on its classic Chuck Taylor All Star and Chuck 70 styles, while also finding ways to reduce waste.

As someone who has worn their Chuck's since high school, and is admittedly a bit of a tree-hugger, I couldn't be more excited about the launch. To find out more about these innovative new shoes, I recently went on a trip with Converse to their headquarters in Boston to explore the new line. While there, I was able to see, touch, and feel each pair first hand, and quite honestly, couldn't distinguish a difference in quality between the Renew line and traditional Chucks.

The first pair I was able to get my hands on were the Renew Canvas sneakers, which offer the same design and feel as the classic All Star high-top shoes, and are available in green, white, and yellow. The only difference is that they're sourced from 100% recycled polyester, made completely from single-use plastic bottles. In my opinion, the sustainable material actually felt a bit sturdier than the traditional canvas material (which I appreciated), and I loved that each pair was adorned with the saying, "Life Is Too Short To Waste" on the tongue and soles of the shoes.


The second pair I saw were the Renew Denim, which are sourced from jeans diverted from landfills, and come in both the Chuck Taylor All Star and Chuck 70 styles. Aside from the fact that they're literally preventing further waste, what I really loved about these particular sneakers is that since they're derived from second-hand denim, no two pairs will ever be alike; inherently giving each customer a unique shopping experience.

Last, but certainly not least, I got to check out the Renew Cotton line, which is made from Converse's own canvas leftovers, to create an ultra-soft, 40% recycled cotton and polyester composite. But while I would prefer that this design offered fully recycled material, the brand tells me that it will be exploring new blends in the future. The pair I saw came in a chic black and white chevron pattern — fully reminiscent of your favorite '80s power blazer, making it perfect for anyone who loves nostalgic fashion.


The Renew Canvas sneakers will be available starting on July 5 at 10 a.m. ET, while the Renew Denim line will launch in August, and Renew Cotton will follow in early spring 2020. All the new shoes from the collection will be available for purchase both in-store and online once they become available, while supplies last. However, the Canvas and Denim shoes will be making a comeback in time for the 2019 holiday season, where they'll be available in a multitude of different colors and iterations.

Seeing as my Chuck's have been with me for a decade — literally through thick and thin, rain, mud, and countless heavy duty wash cycles — it may be time for me to retire them soon. And when I do, I will definitely be swapping them out for a pair of these brilliantly sustainable sneakers.