Cookies & Wine Is The Snack Idea We All Deserve

Julie Vaccaro/Bustle

When you’re a kid, you quickly learn that milk and cookies make the best snack ever. But when you’re an adult? It’s all about wine and cookies. If, like me, lactose has become your enemy as you've aged, this duo is the perfect alternative to milk — and I'd argue it's a much more satisfying way to end a long day.

Unless you're a wine expert, though, you might not be aware of the best ways to pair them to get the most out of this adult culinary experience. So, in honor of National Wine Day on May 25, Bustle teamed up with Milano® and sommelier Maureen Petrosky to create the Milano Happier Hour guide: a variety of expert pairing ideas that match various Milano cookie flavors with your favorite wine.

There's also a recommended activity that fits the mood behind each pairing, so you don't end up watching reruns of that TV show you've seen at least eight times. Check out the suggestions below then pour yourself a glass of vino, set out a plate of cookies, and enjoy this national holiday with the fanfare it deserves.

Full-Bodied Red Wine & Dark Chocolate

Full-bodied reds are dark chocolate's best friend — and Petrosky agrees. "The extra bold notes of cacao in the Double Dark Chocolate Milano cookies make this the perfect pairing for a robust, full-bodied red such as a cabernet sauvignon," she says.

To get the most out of this dark and complex duo, put on that dark lipstick that you haven't worn in months and settle in to watch a murder mystery. Pro tip: Throw a cozy blanket into the mix as a shield for scary scenes, and as a smart way to keep those crumbs from settling into your couch cushions.

Medium-Bodied Red With Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt

For dark chocolate fans who want more than the classic chocolate and tannin-forward pairing, how about a touch of salt? Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Milano cookies alongside a berry forward wine like a medium-bodied point noir will make your grown-up snack time dreams come true. Seeing how that salted chocolate calls for equally salty characters, try the pairing while watching your favorite mind-numbing, drama-filled reality TV show — just resist the urge to join the fun by throwing your wine at the screen.

Rosé & Milk Chocolate

The only things that could make rosé season even more delicious? Milk Chocolate Milano cookies, which have just the right level of sweetness to "pair perfectly with a smooth glass of rosé," Petrosky says.

Since milk chocolate screams "I'm a youth!" to me, I recommend enjoying this pairing while parked in front of the TV with your favorite childhood flick and a stack of adult coloring books and colored pencils.

Sparkling White Wine & Raspberry Chocolate

That's right: The time has come to break out the bubbly — but only after you've secured a stash of Raspberry flavored Milano cookies to enjoy it with. Raspberries, champagne... a mood is being set here, and it calls for those fancy pajamas you rarely wear, a steamy TV series, and a home pedicure.

White Blend & Orange Chocolate

If you're looking for a cookie and wine combo for the perfect summer day, here it is. For this lighter pairing, Petrosky says a white wine "with notes of fresh citrus and exotic spices are perfect for Orange flavored Milano cookies, but bold, whiskey cocktails like a Negroni also bring the orange flavor to the forefront."

The powerful, almost rambunctious sweetness and bright colors of this pairing are perfect for the outdoors, so as for the best way to enjoy this duo? I say grab your chilled bottle, your Milano cookies, and hunker down on your nearest patio, backyard, or fire escape.

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