The First 'Bachelor' Kiss Of The Season Is Here

Every season on The Bachelor, the premiere episode holds a few very important moments that can foreshadow the rest of the competition, and one of those is the first kiss. With whom and how it happens are both crucial details in trying to figure out who might end up with our man Nick Viall when that final rose ceremony rolls around this spring. On Monday's, Bachelor premiere, Nick's first kiss was with Corinne, and it showed that even this early on, these two could have some serious chemistry.

In the interest of full disclosure, I will admit that I'm not always a fan of the limo arrival gimmicks (as entertaining as they are to watch). But when it came to Corinne, I thought hers was pretty cute. When she pulled up, she gave Nick a token for a free hug to use whenever he wanted, and when they got to chat during the cocktail party, she handed over a giant bag of tokens that entitled him to various things that he could use during filming. It was adorable, and it definitely seemed like Nick agreed. He agreed so much, in fact, that she ended up being the first woman he kissed, even though it was mostly her idea.

After their initial talk, Corrine walked away wishing she had kissed Nick, so she decided to give herself a second chance. Later on, she interrupted Vanessa's time with Nick to ask if she could talk to him some more — which happened to him a lot during this first cocktail party — and ended up laying one (or a few) on him, free of charge via tokens.

What would have happened if Corrine hadn't interrupted Nick, and he had decided to kiss Vanessa as she anticipated? The world will never know, but I look forward to finding out if this first kiss deal means anything for Corinne in the long run.