Corinne's 'Bach' Heartbreak Became Her Empowerment

by Emily Belfiore

The Feb. 27 episode of The Bachelor gave viewers a tearful goodbye, an oversized turtleneck and another magical place to fall in love. Nick sent Corinne home on The Bachelor after a suspenseful and heartbreaking rose ceremony. This surprising goodbye came after their hometown date, where it seemed like Nick really hit it off with Corinne's family. Before leaving the show, Corinne poured her heart out in the limo, turning her heartbreak into empowerment, which was one of the topics this week on Bustle's Bachelor podcast. But, Corinne's empowered moment wasn't the only on on Monday's episode.

With only three women left in the running for Nick's heart, the Bachelor has some serious thinking to do now. Things are heating up in Finland, as Nick spent some important one-on-one time with Raven. Raven opened up to Nick about how important their relationship is to her and her nerves going into the Fantasy Suite. She revealed that she's only had sex with one other person before and that she's never had an orgasm before. Nick was very understanding and accepting, which brought Raven some comfort. And I'm glad she was comfortable enough to bring the topic up, because it's important to talk about that kind of stuff before you get into bed.

On this week's episode of Will You Accept This Podcast? (which you can listen to here), Bustle’s Senior Entertainment Editor Kelsea Stahler and Romper's Senior News and Entertainment Editor Allison Piwowarski discussed Corinne's tearful goodbye and Raven's candidness with Nick. Kelsea and Allison both applauded these two women for owning the situation.

Corinne has always had a way with words, but her final remarks on Monday's episode really resonated with viewers. After her heartbreak, she had some thoughtful insight on how women need to be true to themselves when it comes to love. She vowed to never worship someone the same way she did Nick, instead she'll find a man that treats her that way. This is something women often forget to look for in their relationships and it's important that Corinne took the time to remind viewers of that.

Raven also showed some serious courage in this episode. The first time you have sex with your partner is intimidating, especially if it's on national television with the friggen Bachelor! She expressed how important it was for her to feel comfortable with Nick and to know that she could trust him, something that was a big issue in her last relationship. Raven's openness is inspiring. It shows viewers that your "number" or experience doesn't matter, as long as you have a partner who is accepting and likes you for you.

This episode was a lot to take in. It's sad to see Corinne go, but great to see that she's learned something so valuable from this whole experience. Hopefully viewers at home were paying attention.