Trader Joe's Is Carrying Those Internet-Famous Cotton Candy Grapes Just In Time For Summer

by Lia Beck

The taste of cotton candy paired with the texture of a grape might not be for everyone, but if you are one of the many people intrigued by this flavorful marvel (or just want to trick your friends or impress the children in your life), you'll be pleased to know that cotton candy grapes have hit Trader Joe's to kickstart summer, as reported by Delish. Yep, you can now enjoy the slimy center of a grape but have it taste like something that should be light and fluffy, if you're a Trader Joe's shopper. Sounds... well, interesting at the very least.

Delish points to an Instagram account, @realhousewifeofsanjose, that posted a photo of the grapes along with a caption that notes how they really do taste like cotton candy and how they're a "#traderjoesfind." The grapes also popped up on the @traderjoeslist account with the caption, "THEY’RE BACK! What a blessing, I got the last box!! How do they do it?! Can’t they make wine out of these?! IMAGINE." The photo shows that they are only in stores for a limited time and that they cost $7.99 for two pounds. A small price to pay for being able to say to everyone in your life, "Have you tried cotton candy grapes? OMG, let me tell you..."

Cotton candy grapes are nothing new — Real Simple reports that the grapes have been around since 2011, and they went viral last summer — but because they aren't available during all seasons of the year, fans are definitely getting excited over them. According to Grapery, which developed the grapes, the cotton candy flavor was found through cross-pollination of different varieties. And, in good news for cotton candy grape fans, while Grapery lists that the fruit is available between August 10 and September 20 (very specific!), Divine Flavor, which is the brand behind the grapes currently being sold at Trader Joe's, says their grapes are available in May and June. Hooray! And, I guess, save some for July?

If you don't have a Trader Joe's near you, but still want to get your cotton candy grapes fix, they are available in other stores, as well. Notably, they were recently made available at Costco, which, of course, requires a membership. And Divine Flavor commented on a May 14 Instagram post that they are also available at at Fresh Direct, Whole Foods, Sam's Club, Wegmans, Target, Walmart, and Sprouts. When it comes to the Grapery grapes in August and September, you can find out where those are available via this handy map on their website.

Cotton candy grapes fans are pretty thrilled that the treat has hit shelves once again, and there are plenty of new converts, too:

"My Mind Is Frickin Blown"

Guess that makes up for taking one...


At least now we know that they are/were also available at Piggly Wiggly.

Well Done

It must have been quite the surprise, though, to eat that first one.

Next Level

And your mouth doesn't even have to turn blue.


Well, they were probably right about it being packed on the weekend.

The Chris Pratt?

Take that, Chris Pratt. No cotton candy grapes for you.

The Questions That Need To Be Asked

But, for real, do we need to take this any further?



They're "Fire"

'Nuff said.

They're Life Changing

Do cotton candy grapes have skin clearing benefits and help with procrastination? There's only one way to find out, and all you need is $8, a grocery store, and an open mind.