CoverGirl’s New Packaging Is Almost Unrecognizable


CoverGirl understands the power of transformation — and now the brand is undergoing one itself. After decades of filling drugstore aisles with beauty products that have encouraged all types of people to experiment with and explore their image to bring out their most authentic, confident selves, the brand is doing the same and shaking up its image. CoverGirl is rebranding its look with a minimalist new aesthetic, and with it they're rolling out a campaign designed to encourage beauty individuality — #IAmWhatIMakeUp.

The first video released in the campaign kicks off with the question, "What does my face tell you? Does it say that I'm vain? Or does it tell you that I'm strong?"

The message is that you can be whatever you want, whenever you want. And the message asserts you can change up your look as many times as you want — because it is up to you and you alone to decide how to express yourself. Even though there are stigmas and stereotypes attached to what kind of makeup you wear when, you are the only one that gets to decide who you are. No one else's input matters.

In the video, viewers are treated to a montage of different scenes, where our leading lady is being unapologetically herself — from doing Crossfit while wearing purple lipstick to wearing natural makeup on a Friday night date. There are lines like "My face can be bold when you expect me to be weak," follow her throwing a suitcase into the trunk of a cab like it weighs nothing, just as the cabbie is coming around to help her.

The message: Makeup is not the defining part of a woman. But it can help a woman feel more like herself.

With the campaign comes a series of new collection drops for spring, all sporting CoverGirl's new look. You can expect to find five new brow products, a color correction palette, shadow primer, setting spray, and a smoky shadow palette. For lips, CoverGirl is rolling out three new versions of their well-received Melting Pout Liquid Lipstick: metallics (eight new shades that span from bronze to pink to icy blue); glitz topcoats (two metallic topcoats that bring a chrome look to your lips); and 12 new matte shades.

So how does CoverGirl look now that it has had a rebranding? The new product packaging has taken a page from Insta-worthy brands, focusing on minimalism, a lot of white space, and unfussy typography. Rather than experimenting with a series of different fonts on one item, the brand is now sticking to one block text, sparsely splashed across the packaging.

It's modern, Instagrammable, and so on trend with what millennials like. If they only somehow incorporated avocados and the color pink into the packaging, they would have a riot on their hands. Check out some of the new product drops below.

Easy Breezy Brow Sculpt Set

Easy Breezy Brow Sculpt Set, $8.99, Amazon

A rich buildable pomade that comes with an angled brush, this product will help you get fierce arches with half the trouble.

TruNaked Smoky Eye Shadow Palette

Trunaked Smoky Eye Palette, $9.90, Amazon

Featuring eight different matte and shimmer shades, this gunmetal palette is the perfect tool to create an intense smoky eye.

Vitalist Lip Oil

Vitalist Lip Oil, Covergirl

If you don't like the tacky, sticky feel of lip gloss, this oil collection is the answer to your prayers. Coming in six different colors that span across the nudes, pinks, and reds, the oil will give your pout a kick of shine.

Vitalist Go Glow Luminizing Lotion

Vitalist Go Glow Luminizing Lotion, $8.99, Amazon

Coming in two different shades of bronze, this luminzing lotion is infused with vitamins E, B3 and B5, to create a lightweight moisturizer with light-reflecting pigments. It's like a soft highlighter and lotion all wrapped into one.

From a kickass new video campaign to a new brand image, CoverGirl is starting its year off right.