CoverGirl's Mix, Match Play Mascara Kit Lets You Customize Your Mascara

If you have tried about every mascara under the sun and still feel like you can't find a formula that works on your lashes, know that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. CoverGirl's new Mix, Match Play Mascara Kit will let you customize your own lash-enhancing product, allowing you to pick and choose just what you want the tube to focus on. If you've ever layered your lengthening mascara over your volumizing one to get that perfect look — or swapped out one wand for another — you know just how essential this kit is. Seeing how there are about a million different mascara options in the beauty world, you would think that every combination has already been created. But much like perfume, it's helpful (and fun!) to have the option to create your own personal product that meets your own personal needs.

The kit will be sold exclusively at Ulta, and will set you back a mere $19, so it's definitely affordable. It will include two different base formulas, and four that you can combine, allowing you to make up to seven different mascaras.

"The formulas are either volumizing or lengthening, and the brushes have different shapes, too: straight and tapered, curved, twisted, and thick-bristled," Popsugar reported. Every beauty lover knows that the wands are just as important as the paint, so it's great that the buyer has a selection to choose from depending on their needs that day.

With this kit, you can actually create CoverGirl fan favorite mascaras, meaning you get seven tubes for the price of $19. The ones available to potion together are LashBlast Volume, Plumpify, The Super Sizer, Clump Crusher, The Super Fibers, Clump Crusher Extensions, and LashBlast Fusion. But if you feel overwhelmed with all of this mixing and matching, don't worry. "Thankfully, there's a handy chart to show you exactly how to get the lash look you want, whether that's dramatic and thick or wispy and natural," PopSugar reported.


You get easy to follow formulas at your finger tips, or you can go rogue and try to figure out your own concoction that will make your lashes pop. Whatever route you will go, you can be sure you'll leave the house with your best lashes yet.