CoverGirl's Total Tease Mascara Let's You Tease Your Lashes For The Ultimate Oomph


The teased trend might have come and gone in the hair world, but it's back in a big way. According to PopSugar, CoverGirl's Total Tease Mascara gives your lashes more volume than ever, because of the innovative wand that allows you to, well, tease your lashes. There are a lot of unconventional mascara wands out there, especially from this brand, but I can guarantee this is one that you've never had in your makeup bag.

When you think of making your eyelashes as thick and voluminous as possible, you picture using a curler and layering up on product. Well, apparently the concept of teasing your lashes is the one thing that you've been missing in your beauty routine. CoverGirl's Total Tease Mascara comes with a skinny bristled wand with a tiny little eyelash-shaped brush on the end. It's pretty much a wand on top of a wand.

According to the website, you're supposed to use the normal side to coat your lashes first. Then you use the tease end of the wand is to add volume and separation with as many layers as you'd like. The small, precise end let's you pinpoint exactly where you want to "tease." It's also great for making sure nothing smudges.

Total Tease Mascara, $9.24,

As of Apr. 6, the easiest way to buy the mascara is online. The pink and black tube is available in both waterproof and regular on the CoverGirl website for $9.24. I'm willing to bet it will pop up in store in no time, but the brand has yet to give an exact date for the arrival.

The wand isn't the only exciting thing about the launch, either. The mascara comes in you classic black, brown, and black-brown shades, but it also comes in blue. So you can get pumped up lashes and color all at the same time. What more could you possibly ask for?

Total Tease Mascara, $9.24,

I haven't tested this product out, but I'm dying to get it in my makeup bag. The brand has come out with wands with spiked balls on the end, twisted bristles, and everything in-between. There's no doubt in my mind that this will be just as great.