This Brand Makes '90s-Inspired Sunglasses That Would Be Mary Kate & Ashley Approved

Nothing can touch the fun sunglasses you had during childhood. The pink lenses, the star shaped frames, the kaleidoscope colors — all those details added a Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen approved pop to every outfit. Now Crap Eyewear sunglasses can give you that same nostalgic feel, just to your grownup outfits.

Rather than looking like you dusted off an old pair of sunglasses from your grade school storage box in the basement, Crap Eyewear makes luxury-grade eyewear at an affordable price point. Born "in reaction to an overpriced and overly serious sunglass market," the brand decided to make frames fun and playful again. Rather than using sunglasses as a status symbol, Crap Eyewear wants you to just have fun with your options. Even the name itself is a tongue in cheek nod to how Crap Eyewear's frames are not about the label.

"We wanted to make DIY streetwear — for the youth, by the youth. The Crap name was basically just meant to be a middle finger to the established sunglass market," a Crap Eyewear rep shares with Bustle. "Our design aesthetic and business as a whole has matured quite a bit over the last 10 years but we stay true to the Crap name by creating funky, premium quality eyewear without the heavy retail markup."

Designed and tested beachside in Los Angeles, Crap Eyewear creates its shades a block from the beach at its Venice headquarters. So the team knows what it takes to keep your eyes safe from the blazing summer sun.

Now factor in that Crap Eyewear has free shipping worldwide and a one year warranty, and you can't ask for a better place to get your sunnies. Plus, Crap Eyewear is just plain fun. "Our company is deeply rooted in the rich countercultures of Southern California; we love music, fashion, skateboarding and surfing and strive to support these scenes with thoughtful integrity," its site reads.

While a lot of the shades refrence the Crap Eyewear team's favorite vintage shades of past years, there are also sunnies that are modern and trendsetting. "We also work really hard to create significant creative contributions to all our designs to keep things modern and looking forward," the rep says says.

Not only has Crap Eyewear had a collaboration with Hello Kitty, but you can also shop its frames at Urban Outfitters. But if it's your childhood you're trying to channel this summer season, then Crap Eyewear has plenty of frames that will throw you right back into your playground days. Check out some of the top selections below, and marvel at how well they mimic the '90s and early 2000s.

The Star Child

There was nothing more fun than wearing stars or hearts in front of our eyes as kids. Capture that magic by getting these lilac-tinted frames that work for everything from festivals to park picnics.

The Sweet Leaf

According to the brand, these oval sunglasses were a runway favorite thanks to their throwback '90s silhouette. This particular frame comes in seven different color options, giving you plenty to play with. This checkered option offset with pink lenses is an especially fun pick. You can just imagine matching it with a pair of overalls.

The Bikini Vision

These extra-thick, squared oval sunglasses will add a fun pop to any outfit. The heavy frames have a toy-like effect, making you think back to your own plastic accessories as a kid. All these frames need is jewelry stickers on the lenses, and you will feel like you're seven again.

The Supa Phreek

When you can't pick just one color, the Supa Phreek lets you play with several. The lilac and bright blue stripes have a definite early 2000s look, as does the faded ombre lenses.

Live out the early 2000s this summer with the help of Crap Eyewear. Nostalgia is in, and this eyewear brand brought back some of your greatest hits from childhood, but with a grownup twist.