These Aren't Your Mom's Cat Halloween Costume Ideas

The cat is often my default go-to Halloween costume, save for that one year I dressed up like Stevie Nicks circa 1975. Transforming yourself into a cat is pretty easy. But, if you're bored with your regular go-to cat suit, these creative Halloween 2017 cat costume ideas that aren't just a black dress can help put a new twist on your old favorite. While some people's desire to dress up like a cat on Halloween is rooted in superstition — black cats are a bad omen, or are witches in disguise (not true) — dressing up as a cat can also signal to others that you're playful.

"The furry community is primarily about creativity, playfulness, freedom, and exploration. Starre Vartan said on Mother Nature Network. "Some of the popularity of fursuiters may be found in our culture's disconnect with the natural world, or in a longing for the simpler life of an animal."

Cats are also scrappy and cunning, doing what they need to in order to survive. These are also skills embodied by DC Comic's Catwoman who "took to thievery to survive... but determined to do it in style, she learned martial arts and trained extensively to perfect her skills in cat burglary," according to Batman Wiki.

Whether you're playful and creative, or sly and mysterious, it's easy to create a cat costume for Halloween 2017 that sets you apart from the rest of the cat crew without getting too spendy.

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1. Colorful Cat Costume

Cat Eye Sunglasses, $12, Shein; Cat Ear Knit Bowler Hat, $15, Yes Style; Velvet Lattice-Front Backpack, $23, Charlotte Russe; Floral Patched Zippered Leather Jacket, $31, Zaful; Knit Skater Skirt, $30, Hollister

Ditch the black dress and get colorful and creative with your cat costume for Halloween 2017. Fall is the perfect time to add some bold colors to your wardrobe, and the best thing about this cat costume is that you can reuse all of the pieces in your everyday life. Just mix and match them with staples you already in your closet.

2. Fancy Feline

Small Diamante Cat Ear Headband, $4, Boohoo; Cat Eye Retro Sunglasses, $13, Sunglasses Offer; Knitted Cami Sheath Dress, $15, Zaful; Cat Shaped Crossbody Bag, $13, Shein; Breckelles Faux Suede Ankle Booties, $35, Amazon

If you want to dress up like a cat but don't want to forego the glam, it's easy and affordable to create this classy silver cat costume. And, while you may not sport the cat-ear tiara every day, the other pieces can transition seamlessly into your closet.

3. Casual Cat

Velvet Cat Ear Baseball Cap, $15, Forever 21; Retro Cat Eye Glasses, $14, PopMap; Cropped Denim Jacket, $28, Amazon; Tiger Print T-Shirt, $8, Wear All; Black and White Hightop Converse, $55, Converse

If going casual is your jam, this casual cat costume is so subtle you could wear it any day, and it's perfect for Halloween.

4. Retro Cat

Cat Ears Headband, $5, Etsy; Retro Cat Eye Glasses, $13, PopMap; Rhinestone Black Cat Earrings, $9, Over Stock; Black Cat Pom Pom Bag, $27, Unique Vintage; Retro Halter Polka Dot Dress, $38, With Chic; Ankle Wrap Block Heel Pumps, $35 Zaful; Cat Eyeliner Stencil, $3, New Chic

This costume works as a dual 1950s throwback look, and a vintage dressed up cat outfit. If you're going to a formal Halloween bash, but want to do dress double duty as classic cat and 1950s sock-hop gal, this is perfect.

5. Punk Rock Cat

Cat Eyeliner Stencil, $3, New Chic; Slay Trucker Hat, $10, Ashley Stewart; Faux Leather Jacket, $50, Water Every Sunday; Harley Ramones T-Shirt, $20, Boohoo; Black Studded Heel Combat Boots, $33, Hot Topic

Combine your cat costume with a punk rock look with these easy mix and match pieces that you'll definitely wear again.

6. Club Cat

Cat EyeLiner Stencil, $3, New Chic; Cat Print Crop Top, $7, Romwe; Cat Ear Cap, $9, Yes Style; White High Waist Denim Shorts, $34, Amazon; Flat Tall Lace-Up Knee High Boots, $15, Amazon

If your Halloween plans include hitting the dance floor, consider going as a club cat Lady Gaga would be proud of.

7. Sporty Cat

Cat Eyeliner Stencil, $3, New Chic; Cropped Cat Long Sleeve, $25, Puma; Black Cat ears Knit Beanie Hat, $10, Choies; Black and White Adidas, $40, C21; Active Ruched Leggings, $20, Forever 21

If you're into relaxing on Halloween this sporty cat costume can double as pajamas, which is always a bonus in my book.