19 Creative Signs At The Women's March That You'll Get A Kick Out Of

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On Jan. 20, 2018, hundreds of thousands of people turned out in the streets in cities and towns across America, participating in the second annual Women's March. The various marches by all accounts drew big turnouts, and some of the images going around on social media show just how clever some of marchers got with their signs ― there were lots of creative Women's March signs, in fact, that you'll probably get a kick out of.

Especially if you didn't make it out to one of the marches to see things for yourself! The march saw people turn out for major, hugely attended rallies in cities from coast to coast ― in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., and so many others ― to smaller, more local ones, too. After the first year of the Trump administration, it provided a stark reminder of just how much activist energy currently exists on the Democratic left, and how willing people are to speak out in favor of political resistance.

It's also almost always the case that massive public protests include tons of handmade signs, bearing political slogans, moral statements, or sometimes, simply funny and clever jokes. And there were plenty of them on display on Saturday.

1. Tweet Others

Here's a simple yet eloquent take on cyber-bullying, complete with the iconic Twitter bird.

2. Good Boys Are Not Sexist

Everyone should be able to agree that's a very good dog.

3. Hold My Earrings

Boom, indeed, and Lady Liberty clearly agrees.

4. What Oprah Said

So many people jumped into political speculation, but it's worth actually listening to what Oprah said in that Golden Globes speech.

5. A Very Topical Reference

People should absolutely never eat Tide Pods, they're incredibly bad for you. But this still makes a compelling case.

6. What She Said

If you're look for pure creativity, the art of a young child is a pretty good place to start.

7. If You're Kind And Polite

There's a great chance this was the best Paddington Bear-themed protest sign of all time.

8. In The Name Of Humanity

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Marchers of all ages had some pretty strong takes on their signs.

9. Even The Introverts

That really is a pretty big achievement.

10. In Our America

There's just no replacing a sharp, well-made homemade sign.

11. My Arms Are Tired

Many of the marchers carried signs or banners referencing DACA and the Dream Act, issues presently being negotiated amid the ongoing government shutdown.

12. I'm With Her

One of the great things about big protest marches is you're getting involved in something together with other like-minded people.

13. Cover Up Trump

One creative use of signage on display at the New York City march: using a whole bunch of them to block Trump's name outside Trump Tower.

14. We Need More Support Than This

Some of the marchers at the San Francisco demonstration definitely had the right idea.

15. Signs Around The White House

Marchers in the nation's capital flat-out surrounded the White House with their signs.

16. Sad!

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The cheeto hair is a pretty nice tough.

17. Doing Time Magazine

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Trump likes to brag about how many Time magazine covers he's been on, but this probably isn't quite what he had in mind.

18. This Episode Of Black Mirror

Don't you just hate it when you're trapped inside a sci-fi dystopian TV show?

19. Blue Wave Is Here

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Plenty of people at the march seem pretty confident in the Democratic Party's prospects in the midterm elections.

The second annual Women's March, suffice to say, was a feast of sights and sounds for progressives and feminist activists across the country. And around the world, for that matter ― events also took place in Canada, Rome, England, and elsewhere. And needless to say, there were some pretty fun signs out there.