This Site Is Going To Be Your New Obsession If You Love True Crime & Thriller Books

by Sadie Trombetta

If you have a stack of thrillers on your nightstand, a Netflix queue loaded with true crime docs, and a smartphone filled up with mystery podcasts, then I may have just found your new online obsession. The bookish folks at Literary Hub just launched CrimeReads, a website devoted to the world of crime, mystery, and thrillers, and you're going to want to add it to your favorite bookmarks ASAP.

Launched on Wednesday, Literary Hub's new project is an online paradise for readers who can't get enough murder, mystery, and mayhem. Every day, CrimeReads publishes a variety of exciting features, profiles, and excerpts that highlight both well-known and emerging writers. A weekly newsletter pulls together the hottest titles and the latest news from the crime, mystery, and thriller scene, and send it directly to readers' inboxes.

According to the press release announcing the site, CrimeReads will be "the singular online destination where readers can find the highest quality crime content from across the web, the publishing world, and the crime community."

No matter what kind of literary crime fan you are, Literary Hub's newest project seems to have something for you. If you want to read an excerpt from some of the hottest titles like The Woman in the Window and The Sandman, CrimeReads is the place to go. If you're curious about the art of the legal drama or what author Laura Lippman thinks of crime fiction legend James M. Cain, look no further than this site. If you're trying to create a new reading list or searching for a new TV series to fall in love with, it's got you covered. Whether you want to read author interview, discover new nonfiction, or stay up to date on award and festival news, it's all waiting for you on CrimeReads.

“The crime fiction community has always been friendly, engaged and deeply passionate,” said Megan Abbott, one of many members of CrimeReads advisory author board. Among the other influential voices include Lee Child, Lyndsay Faye, Meg Gardiner, Alison Gaylin, Rachel Howzell Hall, Carl Hiaasen, and Joe Ide.

“CrimeReads promises to offer a ‘gathering place’ (a corner bar, if you will) to discuss and debate, to share ideas and talk craft, and to discover new books and new writers," Abbott explained. "I can't wait.” Apparently, she isn't the only one excited about it either.

When Literary Hub launched CrimeReads on Wednesday, readers and writers were quick to show their enthusiasm for the new online crime hub. On Twitter, Edgar nominated writer Alison Gaylin congratulated Literary Hub on the new project, and The Woman in Cabin 10 author Ruth Ware admitted to spending her lunch break reading Jason Overstreet's featured essay.

Launched in 2015, Literary Hub has over two million monthly readers, making it the most popular independent literary site in the world. According to Morgan Entrekin, Literary Hub's co-founder and Publisher of Grove Atlantic, the move towards serving crime fans with a dedicated site was a natural next step.

"It's been exciting to watch the success and growth of Literary Hub," Entrekin said. “Now, using the same model of partnering with content producers and having our editors commission original work, we’re expanding to cover crime writing.” Like its patent site, CrimeReads plans to partner with major publishers and independent presses, booksellers, librarians, festivals, blogs, crime-solving communities, and more to make sure visitors are getting the best and most exciting content every day.

Whether you're a cozy mystery reader, a true crime buff, or an amateur sleuth in the making, head over to CrimeReads and get ready to meet your new homepage.