Platform Crocs Exist & They're Actually Really Cute

Crocs have long been the staple of backyard gardeners and hard working nurses, but they have recently had something of a rejuvenation in the fashion world, where they have become trendy in the streetystyle scene. Their latest line proves that, where Crocs just launched the Crocband Platform Collection for the Fall/Holiday 2018 season. The line looks exactly what it sounds like, where the rubber clogs have been jazzed up with a thick platform base, giving them some lift and making them perfect to pair with culottes and summer dresses.

This new collection is an extension of the popular Crocband Clogs, which uses their iconic foam cushion construction and has a band at the heel, giving it a sporty touch. This new collection adds an unexpected 1.5-inch platform to the shoe, and comes in five different colorways, including Black/White, Black/Black, Navy/White, Light Gray/Rose, and Blossom/White. This means you can either keep it sleek and monochrome, play with neutral color pairings, or add a little bit of color by going with pink.

But the addition of a platform isn't the only change made to the clog. It also includes pivoting heel straps and deeper heel cups for a more secure fit, making it a comfier shoe (if that's even possible.)

These shoes were created with the vision to give consumers a chance to add style and attitude to their wardrobes without compromising on comfort. There are so many on-trend shoes out there that look amazing on the feet but don't feel amazing, and Crocs is throwing their hat into the ring to offer an option that does both.

“The Crocband Platform Collection gives Crocs the chance to step outside — and above — our traditional silhouettes and elevate the conversation,” said Michelle Poole, Crocs Sr. Vice President of Product and Marketing, in a release. “While we’ll never shy away from delivering the comfort that we’re known and loved for, our new Crocband Platform Clogs offer a trend-right option for millennial consumers that want to push their personal style stories forward.”

If you didn't think that Crocs could be synonymous with high fashion, then you have missed some of their last designer collaborations. Designer Christopher Kane sent fur-lined Crocs down his runway earlier last February, where the rubber shoes acted as an interesting contrast against his metallic knits and slinky sheer slips.

Mike Marsland/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

That wasn't the last time that Kane worked Crocs into his collection, where his next line featured precious stones as decor. But it's this contrast between the sporty, clunky shoes and high fashion that Kane enjoys. "I like that they are perceived by some to be quite ‘ugly’ and not at all feminine or designed to flatter,” he told Vogue.

Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Balenciaga collaborated with Crocs as well, where they created their own vision of platform Crocband Clogs. Just instead of making the platform an inch and a half, they made them tower at four inches.

The Crocband Platform Collection is already live an available for purchase, and costs $49.99. This could just be the fall shoe you have been looking for.