Cult Beauty's Skindie Campaign Is Here To Make Finding Under-The-Radar Products Easy

Cult Beauty is known for being one of the number one destinations for beauty fans in the UK. It sells pretty much every brand you could think of, and is always hot on the tails of the coolest new launches and trends. And Cult Beauty's Skindie campaign, which was launched last week, is quickly becoming another hit, mainly thanks to the fact it has introduced beauty fans to so many new, niche brands they may not have heard of or used before.

The retailer defines 'Skindie' as the following: "under-the-radar and achingly cool, these are the independent skin care brands defying the norm and winning the hearts of true beauty groupies."

The Skindie campaign therefore aims to celebrate independent beauty brands who deserve recognition but may not get a ton of hype. Each brand is said to be 'niche' and offer something entirely unique, catering to the desires of specific shoppers. The world of skincare is increasingly becoming more and more saturated, and we are becoming more demanding in terms of what we need, and these Skindie brands aim to offset these terms and meet these needs.

Speaking about this new campaign, Bessie Hitcham, Assistant Buyer for Cult Beauty, explained: “Whether you’re intimidated by the beauty landscape and have previously felt excluded, or whether you spend your lunch hour/commute poring over literature to find the next big ingredient, The Skindie brands are beckoning.”

You can shop for all of Cult Beauty's Skindie brands at their website, but if you're unsure where to start, here are the five I'm most excited about:



Volition is a seriously covetable brand that caters to specific skincare needs, and features modern ingredients of the moment, such as snow mushroom and turmeric. Volition's main goal is to fill gaps in the beauty market for consumers, and to disrupt the status quo, bringing skincare into the future. Big hits include their Strawberry-C Serum, along with the Snow Mushroom Water Serum.



Plenaire is perhaps the Skindie brand I'm most intrigued by, as I'm a sucker for cute packaging. The brand claims they're results-driven but still maintain a youthful and playful ethos, and don't take themselves too seriously. They spotlight certain key ingredients within each of their products; a great example of this is the Rose Jelly Gentle Makeup Remover.



LIXIRSKIN has been round for a while, and is sold in the likes of Liberty London instead of Cult Beauty, but is still fairly under-the-radar. The brand was created by Colette Haydon, who spent many years at the helm of other skincare brands as a formulator. LIXIR has made a name for itself with its 'less is more' approach to skincare, which manifests through multi-use products like their Universal Emulsion. The packaging is also hella' Instagrammable.


Jordan Samuel

Created by former professional ballet dancer and skin therapist Jordan Samuel Pacitti, this range is designed to target specific issues such as skin irritation. The products feature must-have ingredients like retinol, but are suitable for skin types that often need to be approached with caution. Jordan Samuel products also have cute ballet and performance-related names such as 'The Matinee Gel Cleanser,' and 'The Performance Cream'.



Versed is committed to providing great products but also being ultra environmentally friendly in as many ways as they can. All the products are vegan, cruelty-free and clean, and the packaging is completely adorable and shelfie-worthy too. The products are all fairly priced, and they do some really great masks, too.