Cute Plus Size Scrubs Are Hard To Find, But This Brand Is Making It Easier

by James Hale

On Aug. 9, medical wear company Jaanuu launched its newest line Curve, which offers customers a range of runway-inspired scrubs for plus size bodies. Exclusively designed for and modeled by plus size folks up to size 24, Curve is meant to provide plus size medical professionals with flexible, comfortable, well-fitting options they won't have to pay extra for — a common problem, says Jaanuu cofounder and CEO Shaan Sethi.

"When it comes to scrubs, plus-size women have few options, but the shopping and product experience is underwhelming," he tells Bustle in an email. "They often have to pay more for larger sizes and still resort to shapeless sacks that are not modeled on true plus-size bodies."

This fat surcharge is apparent at other brands. The two top companies that show up on a quick Google search for "plus size scrubs" are Uniform Advantage and Scrubs & Beyond. For a scallop neck scrub shirt that is billed as plus size, Uniform Advantage charges $19.99 — unless a customer needs a 4X or 5X. In that case, the charge is $22.99. At Scrubs & Beyond, a three-pocket scrub shirt in the color Galaxy/Glacier/Black goes for $29.99, except in sizes 2X and 3X, where the charge is $33.99.

Jaanuu aims to solve this problem by not charging its plus size customers more for larger sizes. Searching for solutions to common medical wear problems like the fat surcharge is part of what kick-started the business in the first place, explains Sethi. Dr. Neela Sethi Young, who is a pediatrician, Jaanuu's cofounder, chief medicine giver at Jaanuu, and Sethi's sister, ran into her own problems with scrubs when she was a practicing doctor, inspiring her to find fixes.

The pair opened Jaanuu as a fashion-forward brand heavy on technical design elements. According to a press release from the brand, its team of designers produce pieces reflective of current fashion trends, and on top of that are made with "the industry’s first premium antimicrobial-finished medical apparel manufactured to withstand harsh hospital conditions."

While the brand at first focused on straight sizes, Dr. Sethi Young "never forgot about her plus size colleagues who were also seeking change, and so, in 2016, "we went back to the design lab," Sethi explains. After developing Curve scrubs, which are made of a new, proprietary ponte fabric, Jaanuu sent samples to plus size medical professionals all over the U.S. and used their feedback to improve the design.

Curve features four top styles and five bottom styles, all available in six standard colors, including black, royal blue, and white. Tops cost $39 in all sizes, and bottoms are $42 in all sizes.

Jaanuu also offers petite and tall scrubs. And while their plus size range currently only goes up to size 24, a rep for the brand said if customer feedback indicates a need, Jaanuu is more than willing to add larger sizes to Curve's repertoire.

You can shop Jaanuu's full lineup on its website.