Cutting Hair With An Axe Is Apparently A Thing & The Video Will Make You Flinch

A lot of people use their salon sessions as a time to relax, but this hair cutting technique will have the exact opposite effect. As Huffington Post found, there's a Russian stylist uses an axe to cut hair. Because scissors are apparently overrated. The technique is quick, unconventional, and a tad bit terrifying. You won't believe it until you see it.

The axe-swinging haircut is not done by Sweeney Todd, but by Russian stylist Daniil Istomin. While it's hard to describe the actual technique, it's one for all of you thrill seekers out there. Heck, just the video alone will make you flinch. The women can be seen tipping their head over and laying their locks out on the table. Istomin alternates between combing through the hair with an axe and violently chopping off length. It's quite the sight to see.

The video looks more like a magic trick than an actual salon session. Like I said before, Istomin uses no other tools at all to get the desired look. He also only takes about a minute to complete two different haircuts at the same time. A quick haircut is definitely a plus, but you also have to weigh in the fact that one small mishap would not only leave you with less hair, but no neck.

No one was harmed in the video, but you still might want to pause it if you feel uncomfortable. And please, please don't try this yourself.

After Istomin is done chopping off the desired length, he feathers is out with the end of the axe. The incredible part, besides, you know, not cutting anyone, is that he doesn't even look at the hair properly until after it's done. There's no word on whether or not he can replicate a style or if he just cuts as he pleases. Bustle has reached out for comment.

According to YouTube, videos of Istomin have been floating around since the end of 2017, but it doesn't seem like the stylist is doing it for internet fame though. There are currently no salons in America that specialize in axe cutting, according to a quick Google search.

People are going crazy over the hair cutting style on social media. Reactions range from people being utterly confused by the entire process, scared to even watch, and distinctly opposed to the trend. Here's what everyone has to say about the avant-garde hairstylist, so you can decide for yourself.

Before I even start talking about what I think about this style, I'm going to just say STOP. Honestly, what else can you even say?

Just imagine walking into your normal salon to get a haircut and someone bringing out an axe. Would you trust them? Would you stay? Would you run? Who even knows.

An axe, people. I repeat, he uses an axe. This is not a drill.

Just when you thought that a Sweeney Todd sequel wasn't happening... It only took 11 years.

The video never shows the result. The world will never know if the person walked away from the haircut. If this isn't your worst nightmare, then I don't know what is.

Not even the Mayans could see this one coming. It must be a sign that the world is coming to an end.

The world appreciates your creativity, but could you just not? Thanks.

There's definitely some contemplation going on here. It will be interesting to see if the trend leaks to other countries.

If you thought the trends in 2017 were weirdest they could possibly get, then you thought wrong. There's no telling how much more intense that haircuts could get after this.