"Cwtch" Is A Welsh Self-Care Concept That's Like A Hug Come To Life

PR Image Factory / Shutterstock

From hygge to lagom, comfy-cozy lifestyle trends are popular among people seeking relaxation as a respite from the frantic pace of today's go-go-go world. While you've likely heard of the aforementioned nordic trends, cwtch is a concept you may not be familiar with. Cwtch, a Welsh word that means cuddle, is basically a warm, friendly hug. The design website Invaluable explained that while it's been around since the 1400s, cwtch (pronounced "kutch") has become increasingly popular in the last 20 years as a trend in home décor. Because, let's face it, we could all use more hugs.

When you think of hugging or cuddling you likely think of doing so with another person or with your pets. While you can totally cwtch with your besties, your BAE, and your four-legged friends, you can make your home cuddle worthy too. By choosing textures and colors that soothe you, you can turn your home into a sanctuary that swaddles your soul in a warm embrace.

"Cwtch is a Welsh word that describes a feeling of comfort and security. It’s used to describe how an interaction (such as an embrace), a person, or an object makes someone feel," Invaluable noted. "Cwtch also translates to 'cubbyhole' or 'cupboard,' as the feeling of cwtch means to be surrounded by something or someone for safety."

Cwtch home design is a bed you can't wait to to curl up in, a blanket you want to snuggle up with, and a sofa that cushions your body as you sink into it. It's a spray of lavender on a pillow, an area rug that feels good on your bare feet, an electric blanket during the winter, and curtains that let in just the right amount of light.

Eifion Griffiths, a third-generation Welsh textiles maker and owner of wool company Melin Tregwynt, told Kate Leaver for BBC Travel that cwtch might just be the new hygge. "Like our interest in the concept of hygge, using the word cwtch is a contrast to a world of darkness and danger. If you’re upset, you need a cwtch. If you’re wandering around happy, a cwtch doesn’t come into it. We need cwtches more than ever, I think, because it’s not a very comfortable world at the moment."

It makes sense, and turning your home into a hug is an ideal way to treat yourself to a little extra comfort when you're feeling stressed. If your living space is not cwtch worthy, take some time to declutter, Marie Kondo style. Then think about what makes you feel cozy. Even if you're low on funds you can cwtch up your pad by choosing a few throw blankets and some overstuffed pillows from Target. Pair these items with personal items that give you all the feels, like a side table of framed personal photos.

"The best examples of cwtch combine personalization with functionality to create an intimate space that is unique to the person it is decorated for. Cwtch is also a great opportunity to use home décor that you’ve always appreciated but never gotten into, such as a sewing table," Invaluable said.

For me, this is a vintage record player, carefully hung art, muted colors, and a soft lighting concept. There's no wrong way to cwtch. Just like different people like different types of hugs, people also need different things to feel cozy at home. Whatever that is for you, use it to create a living space that feels like a respite from the outside world.