Cynthia Gets Vaginally Rejuvenated On 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' & Possibly Crosses The TMI Line

After the antics on the Real Housewives of Atlanta glamping trip, now there has to be a whole episode based around the experience of each member of the cast going home and gossiping about everything that just happened to their friends and family. And while I get her excitement to share what happened, perhaps her teenage daughter is not the best person to talk about sexually experimenting with (no one wants to imagine their parents having sex! Even if they're as beautiful as Cynthia!)? But things go in an even weirder direction when Cynthia gets vaginal rejuvenation... on camera. With Kenya in the room. At what is framed as Kenya's prompting, no less! I have to say, I am not really sure what is up with Cynthia B. this season.

I know she's walking down the runway solo, or something, according to her tagline, but it seems like what she really did was totally eliminate her filter and start telling all her business to everyone, including us, the audience. Already this season, she's gotten a Brazilian wax on camera, gotten her boob job touched up with everyone in the room, and called herself "homeless" multiple times. I think she may be suffering from some post-divorce oversharing. I will say, though, she just turned 50 and looks fabulous, so maybe the secret to eternal youth is having no secrets and having no shame.

Professionally, Cynthia is still struggling a little, when it comes to getting models to work for free, but I'm sure if she throws in a few extra backpacks, she should be able to get Kairo on board. In the scene between them, Shereé is less a bone digger and more a grave robber, but I understand why she wants to stick up for her son. I mean, the whole "work for exposure" thing is pretty bogus, though the one time that might actually have a point is if the "exposure" in question will be broadcast to millions of people on a reality show.

Honestly, there's no real conclusion here. Cynthia has always been one of the more charming and likable members of the RHOA, and in her post-divorce life she's just been a little heavy on the TMI. However, one thing I can't stand for is the idea that Peter Thomas is worming his way back into her life on the "still to come" teaser. They better be attending this upcoming tropical trip as nothing more than a couple of friends.