Cynthia Nixon's Net Worth Makes Clear She Isn't In Politics For The Money

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The woman known to many as Miranda Hobbes from Sex and the City announced on Monday that she's running for governor of New York. Her gubernatorial bid has been expected since August, but it became official when the actress tweeted out a video outlining exactly how she wants to fight for New Yorkers from the governor's mansion. Along with the name recognition her stardom inevitably provides her campaign, Cynthia Nixon's net worth could be beneficial for her first foray as a political candidate.

Donald Trump exemplified the potential success of a celebrity running for office, and others have since been inspired to follow in his footsteps — both in support and in spite of him. Nixon's political beliefs are opposite Trump's, but their fame means there will be at least one similarity between their campaigns.

But while Trump used roughly $66 million of his own money to run for president in 2016, Nixon's entire net worth is estimated to be $60 million. The actress was reportedly making at least $325,000 per episode of Sex and the City in 2001, about midway through the show's six seasons. The show filmed a total of 94 episodes and two subsequent movies.

Nixon began acting when she was 12, first appearing in a 1979 episode of The Seven Wishes of a Rich Kid. Her latest movie, The Discreet Pleasures of Rejection, will be released this summer.

Aside from acting, Nixon has been a political activist for several years. She campaigned for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and former President Barack Obama, as well as championed LGBTQ rights, gender equality, and New York’s public schools.

Nixon has three kids, two of whom are still in New York public schools. Her campaign announcement video emphasized that education will be a major focus of her campaign. "I'm a proud public school graduate and a prouder public school parent," she says in the video. "I was given chances I just don’t see for most of New York’s kids today."

She also vowed to fight for New York children living in poverty. "We are now the most unequal state in the entire country, with both incredible wealth and extreme poverty," she says in her announcement video. "Half the kids in our upstate cities live below the poverty line. How did we let this happen?”

Although the incumbent Democrat Nixon is challenging is worth significantly less than her ($2 million to be exact), her campaign website criticizes Gov. Andrew Cuomo for giving “massive tax breaks to corporations and the rich while starving the state and its cities of the most basic services and decimating our infrastructure.” It further reads:

“His inhumane budgets have been passed on the backs of our children, our working and middle class, and our elderly. We hear all the time about how the big money interests control DC. But if Washington is a swamp, then Albany is a cesspool.”

The donation page she linked to when she tweeted that she’s running for governor Monday afternoon describes her as “a lifelong New Yorker and progressive activist who is running for governor to fight for a better, more equal New York.” It also says she won’t be accepting corporate contributions. Rather, “our campaign will be powered by the people,” the site says, though it’s unclear if she’ll use any of her own money to fund her campaign.

Cuomo is seeking a third term as governor, and Nixon wants to offer New Yorkers another option when they head to the polls in September’s Democratic primary. As she put it in her announcement video: “Our leaders are letting us down.”