Dreamsicle Dipped Cones Have Been Spotted At Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen/Instagram; Dairy Queen

The birds are chirping, and that's basically the official bell for the start of soft serve ice cream season. Wafer cones are begging to filled with twists of this perfect confection. And where else should you go to get the first cone of spring? Dairy Queen, obviously! Especially now that, per Chew Boom, some Dairy Queens have spotted selling a Dreamsicle Dipped Cone. Talk about heaven on a cone.

Dairy Queen is truly royalty when it comes to summer snacking. And there's no doubt that Dairy Queen ~rules~ when it comes to ice cream. The original chocolate dipped cone is a legendary treat. It's creamy vanilla ice cream budding from a wafer cone that's sealed in with a hard shell of chocolate. Because of that cone, I bow down to this queen of dairy.

With Dairy Queen's new spring menu there also seems to be a new dipped ice cream being churned out at participating locations. The Dreamsicle Dipped Cone is a cone with the same tasty vanilla soft serve only in this version it's sealed in a silky orange sherbet-like shell. With the latest flavor added to their dipped cones selection, it's obvious that Dairy Queen rules the kingdom of summer treats.

Chew Boom has reported that "the Dreamsicle Dipped Cone is proving to be so popular that some DQ locations have started to dip Dilly Bars in the Dreamsicle coating." In fact, Chew Boom warns that the orange coating is becoming such a hit with customers that you might have to start pre-ordering the dipped cone before supplies run out at your location. If you haven't seen this Dreamsicle wonder at your Dairy Queen location, it's likely that the flavor will roll out with the release of the new spring menu. Though I know it's a ~nightmare~ to have to wait for the Dreamsicle Dipped Cone, its arrival isn't far off and should be available as soon as Apr. 1.

Twitter is all for the latest addition to the DQ menu. Twitter user @Matt2Clapp writes, "I had an Orange Dreamsicle dipped cone at Dairy Queen yesterday. Review: 11/10." Twitter user @Ashley0102 writes, "Like wow" followed by the mind blown emoji after trying the new dipped cone. Needless to say, the Dreamsicle Dipped Cone is being warmly welcomed at Dairy Queens across the nation.

If oranges aren't your go-to fruit come April, perhaps cherries might be. This creamy orange beauty isn't the only addition to Dairy Queen's dipped cone treats. Per a YouTube video from Consumer Time Capsule, it appears that at least some locations are also offering a cherry-coated version. In my opinion, you can't go wrong at the Dairy Queen window when it comes to ordering a dipped cone. Chocolate, Dreamsicle, or Cherry are a trinity. And they all deserve a spot on the throne.

Now that the temperatures are rising, it's time to fill each evening with a soft serve ice cream cone. The best place to get in on the swirl is at Dairy Queen. And thanks to their new flavors and menu, this summer is truly a Dreamsicle come true.