You Can Get A S'mores Blizzard With Marshmallow-Filled Chocolate At Dairy Queen

by Brittany Bennett

It's my favorite season of the year: ice cream season. As far as seasons go, it's the longest running one, marked by the first unseasonably warm day of winter and lasting until the switch to Pumpkin Spice Lattes. There's so much to dig into: Soft serve, double scoops, milkshakes. And don't even get me started on the variety of flavors. Dairy Queen, especially, knows how to make the most of ice cream season. And it all starts with Dairy Queen's S'mores Blizzard that will leave you wanting so much s'more.

Even in summer you can enjoy a blizzard — at least when that blizzard is made of vanilla soft serve and delicious mix ins. Dairy Queen's S'mores Blizzard will be your favorite "storm" this summer. Fit into the classic Blizzard cup is a base of vanilla soft serve, swirled in are marshmallow-filled chocolates and graham cracker bits, per Dairy Queen's website. Each spoonful basically sounds like you're sitting around the camp fire, except you don't have to deal with finding any sticks for roasting marshmallows or dealing with sticky hands that could attract pesky mosquitos.

The S'mores Blizzard at Dairy Queen brings the summer camp fire to you, in a cup and without all the required clean up afterwards. You can enjoy this Blizzard in peace, in whatever size from Mini to Large suits you, without the fear of attracting any bears to your camp site. Because, well, you don't even have to be camping or outside at all to enjoy S'mores when you're at Dairy Queen.

The Blizzards don't stop there this summer. We are living in a summer wonderland of Blizzard flavor variations. All tastes can be ~covered~ this ice cream season. If summer berries are more your jam, sink a spoon into the Summer Berry Cheesecake Blizzard. This flavor has a vanilla soft serve base with raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and cheesecake pieces blended in for a treat that looks like a smoothie.

But not everybody is always craving fruit for their treat. Chocolate, on the other hand, is a versatile year round dessert that can take us from ice cream to hot chocolate and back again. The Brownie Dough Blizzard from Dairy Queen is that dough this summer. Blended into the vanilla soft serve is brownie dough, choco chunks, and cocoa fudge. Sorry I'm not sorry that I'm making the move from chocolate chip cookie dough to Brownie Dough this summer.

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If you miss the carnival this summer, you don't have to skip out on cotton candy. Dairy Queen's Cotton Candy Blizzard brings the carnival to the cup. Cotton candy sprinkles are blended into the vanilla soft serve for a sweet pink treat that you can pick at by the spoonful instead of with your fingers.

A blizzard during the summer doesn't sound like a good forecast. However, if that Blizzard is actually a treat from Dairy Queen, I wouldn't mind a 100% chance of Blizzards everyday. From the chocolate-y to the fruity flavors of summer, Dairy Queen blends the best into a cup for everyone to enjoy. Next time you're in the mood for a camp fire treat, head to Dairy Queen for the S'mores Blizzard that won't leave a mess.