The 'Bachelor' Danielles Share More Than A Name

by Alaina Urquhart-White

It feels like there are duplicate names every season on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Considering the amount of people who apply every year, you'd think that could be avoided. But of the 30 women on Nick Viall's season, there are two Elizabeths, two Jasmines, and two Danielles. It can be tough to keep people straight when there are so many contestants and so many names, but if you get to know Danielle M. and Danielle L. on The Bachelor, you'll see that they actually have a couple of things in common besides their first name.

The first place to look for information on Bachelor contestants is their ABC bios. The network has them fill out questionnaires that can actually be pretty revealing about who they are in the end. Taking a glance through the Danielles' profiles reveals that they have at least some common interests. Both of them list one of their favorite movies as The Notebook, which I know is not shocking, because it's a common pick for people who love romance, but it is something. They both also have tattoos, but it looks like Danielle M. is getting a few of hers removed.

A look into their respective Instagrams also immediately revealed a fun coincidence. When asked what animal she would want to be on her ABC profile, Danielle M. said that she would want to be a Pegasus. The first photo on Danielle L.'s Instagram is a photo of her with a stuffed unicorn. Love for mystical horses is great common ground to stand on, in my opinion.

However, other than those few small tidbits, these women seem pretty different. Danielle L. is a traveling Monster Energy Drink rep and posts photos on Instagram traveling all over the globe for events and parties. Danielle M., on the other hand, has more of a hipster, mellow vibe and posts a lot of black and white, artsy photos. They seem to be on pretty opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to personality.

It looks like Nick is going to have a really tough time this season when it comes to choosing who gets those coveted roses. These women may be very different, but something else they have in common is that they are awesome overall and have a lot to offer .