These Duo Chrome Eyeshadows Actually Blend Themselves & It's Like Black Magic

With a million and one different beauty products coming out almost daily, it's easy to get burned out from all the hype and PR spin that surrounds new collections. But every once in a while one product comes out that is impossible to ignore. That is exactly what Dawn Eyes Cosmetics' new Premium color-changing pigments are — impossible not to notice. A collection of loose eyeshadow colors, they're like witchcraft in a small pot. Once you swipe them onto your lids, they turn into a dozen different shades depending where you turn your head.

Dawn Merrill is the genius behind Dawn Eyes Cosmetics, and she started her company back in 2011 as a hobby, not a business. She would whip together different eyeshadows for fun, and then give them out to friends and family since she couldn't possibly use them all. Pretty soon people started coming back for seconds and thirds, or asking for specific shades that they wanted next. Feeling like she was onto something, Merrill opened Dawn Eyes Cosmetics — and it's lucky for us she followed that hunch. Her brand is a glitter lover's dream — just take a look at the site's best seller list and you'll see what I mean. It's all fairy tale inspired colors and glitter bombed swatches.

Merrill's newest collection, though, might just top everything she's ever put out previously. The "Premiums" line offers up the most gorgeous color-shifting pigments available on the beauty market today. Giving us 12 colors to choose from, they are made with loose pigments with a smooth, creamy, semi-waterproof base. They're super pigmented, highly metallic, and most important of all, eye popping-ly duo-chrome.

Allure first spotted the shadows on makeup artist Angela Tanner's Instagram, where she swatched the original Premiums collection on her arm. The Premiums I collection comes in seven shades, and the Premiums II collection offers up five extra hues to play with. As you flip through her images, you notice that the colors not only change halfway through the swatches, but also completely change hues depending in what angle the arm is resting.

"Drops mic.... make sure that you swipe left through the whole album!!! I swear that they look different in every pic!" Tanner writes in her caption. And she's right — pick a color and follow it through the 10 photos posted and you'll see what she means. For example, if you pick "Fantastical" it moves from a gold-maroon, to a bright purple, to rust, to royal purple, to a foiled maroon.

Tanner also swatched the "Premiums II" collection and its five shades, and they're just as stunning. "It was nearly impossible to narrow it down to ten photos. I could've easily posted 30. Make sure to swipe left!!!" she wrote.

Tanner also did sneak peek close-up swatches before debuting the whole collection on her Instagram, and they offer up an even closer inspection of how these pigments change colors.

For example, the color above is called "Alluring" and it comes maroon in the loose pigment pot you buy. But when you swipe it on, it dances between four or five different shades, perfectly blending the colors together.

Tanner also included a mini review in her caption, sharing the tea on the experience. One downside that she found was the sizing of the products.

"It sucks because the pigments come in teeny samples or huge jars with no in between. I REALLY wish there was a middle size," she shares. But a nice bonus is that Merrill includes a little gift with each purchase, taking the sting out of the difficult size choices. "She includes free gifts with every order. I bought 12 samples and she included 6 free samples with my order. So that was cool. Once I finish swatching the 12 colors that I bought, I'll definitely buy the big jars of my favs."

If you're wondering how to wear these loose pigments, Tanner recommends avoiding setting sprays and instead using a mixing medium.

"They actually adhere pretty well to bare skin. But for a more dramatic look you'll want to use a glitter glue or mixing medium," she shares. "I prefer those methods over using them wet because they have a dark base that I find a bit harsh when applied with [MAC] fix+ etc. But that's a personal preference."

Merrill also has a few tutorials up on YouTube, and one of which was what base she uses to get her shadow looking so foiled and metallic. Hint: It's clear mascara!

The pigments are in the mid-range price range bracket, where a full size costs $18 (and is 5gm), clamshell sample is $4 (1/8 tsp), and baggie sample is $3.50. If you want to add some sorcery to your makeup bag, definitely check these pigments out!