Deadpool Just Crashed Stephen Colbert's Monologue & It Was The Best Surprise Ever

by Caroline Burke
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/CBS

The world's most sarcastic superhero just took a spin through the late night circuits, and it's hard to be even a little upset about it. Deadpool interrupted Stephen Colbert's Late Show monologue at the Ed Harris theater on Tuesday night, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect: Deadpool 2 is arriving in theaters this weekend, which is probably why the sardonic superhero decided to make his rounds. Although it really doesn't matter either way, because he's literally always a welcome addition to any standup routine or performance if you're a fan.

Colbert's opening speech, surprisingly enough, had nothing to do with politics (leaving millions of people to probably give a collective sigh of relief, because that feels never-ending these days) and everything to do with summer blockbuster season. So it was fitting that Deadpool interrupted Colbert right when he was bemoaning the sheer number of superhero movies that are on the docket for summer 2018.

According to Deadline, Deadpool walked onto the stage with perfect comedic timing, swaggering into vision right as Colbert said, “At what point will audiences say, ‘Enough with the superheroes’?”

It seems like Ryan Reynolds, who plays the hero, would finally be ready to share a secret or two about Deadpool 2, days before its midnight premiere on Thursday night (it opened to limited release on May 10). But thing again. The Deadpool 2 cast has been especially tightlipped about any information that might spoil the surprise of the sequel, according to Digital Trends.

In fact, on May 19 Reynolds tweeted via his Deadpool alter ego just how intensive their efforts have been to keep pretty much any information about the movie secret, closing off the sarcastic letter with a standard Deadpool line: "...it'd be super lame to spoil the fact that Deadpool dies in this one. Kidding. Not Kidding. Kidding?"

Classic Deadpool move, right there.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Deadpool's visit to Colbert's Late Show (though an obvious plug for the upcoming sequel) revealed no spoilers or details about the movie. Instead, Deadpool took time to do what he always does: make pithy comments and look good in a superhero costume.

For example, Hollywood Reporter details an especially good zinger that occurred when Deadpool tried to take over the rest of Colbert's monologue, to which Colbert protested, "In our own way, us late night hosts are basically super heroes." Deadpool, of course, responded: "Because you're all mostly white men?"

Although Deadpool 2 hasn't hit the theaters quite yet, it's already garnering serious critical support, with a fresh rating of 84% on Rotten Tomatoes. On top of that, CNN's Brian Lowry gave one of many colorful reviews, noting that "the sequel delivers consistently enough to keep this colorful mercenary laughing all the way to the bank." This is great news, but not exactly a surprise, given how successful the original Deadpool was.

Though the esoteric superhero film was released with moderate expectations, it smashed through multiple records, becoming the first R-rated film to earn over $100 million in domestic sales over an opening weekend, and earning $260 million worldwide, according to Fortune. This was all with a $58 million dollar production budget, which (Fortune is quick to note) isn't all that much for a movie of this caliber.

If a Deadpool/Reynolds combination continues to hit up late night shows for the rest of the week, you can only assume that Deadpool 2 will blow the original records straight out of the water.