This K-Beauty Lipstick Brand Keeps Selling Out & Not Just Because Of Its Cute Packaging

Neiman Marcus

Dear Dahlia is a cruelty-free and vegan K-beauty brand that became an Instagram-staple in 2017. It's best known for its pink marble packaging, which is what makes it such a cult-favorite with Instagramers and influencers alike. So much so that it sells out in a flash. Dear Dahlia keeps selling out in Neiman Marcus, but it's not just because of its cute packaging.

Within two weeks of launching with Neiman Marcus, the brand has already sold out of several shades, including its Paradise Aurora Shine Lip Treatment in shades Stardust (which is a light peach) and Morning Dew (which is a light pink.)

Dear Dahlia's lip products are so well-received because they are high quality and offer more than just color payoff. The lip product range uses patented Dahlia Flower Extract, which provides anti-aging benefits and protects skin from damage. The skin around the lips is delicate, and then skin on the lips themselves can easily become sunburned.

"The skin on the lips is thinner; it is more vulnerable than the rest of your body. Also, lips have no melanin, they are left unshielded," Dr. Sheel Desai Solomon, a Board Certified Raleigh-Durham North Carolina dermatologist, tells Bustle. "We know that sun exposure destroys collagen, so it thins the lips over time." While Dear Dahlia's lip products don't include SPF, the Dahlia extract helps facilitate collagen with its anti-aging benefits.

These products help to tackle skin issues without putting more effort on the wearer. You just slick on the gloss or lipstick like business as usual, but you now have skin healing protection.

Check out some of Dear Dahlia's lip products below.

Dear Dahlia Paradise Aurora Shine Lip Treatment

The shine lip treatment is a lightweight gloss that naturally nourishes lips without leaving them sticky. The treatment is infused with Dahlia Variabilis Flower Extract for its skin-protecting properties. It also is infused with organic argan oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, and cacao seed butter to soften and hydrate. There are five original shades available.

Lip Paradise Intense Satin

This lipstick leaves a satin finish on the lips with a creamy texture. The lipstick has the same protective dahlia properties as all the lip products do, but it's also made with rice bran wax and other plant-based natural ingredients so the formula doesn't cause dryness or flakiness. It comes in 10 different shades.

Paradise Dream Velvet Lip Mousse

This liquid lipstick has a whipped velvet texture that leaves a powdery matte finish. It comes in 12 different shades. It's perfect to create that mid-century matte lip look.

Paradise Moisture Veil Lip Glaze

This glaze uses a water-based, lightweight formula that doesn't feel sticky on your lips. It comes in five different colors.

Now you just need to make sure that you snap up the colors you like before they all sell out! You can choose everything from light summer colors, to natural nudes, to dark fall hues. All your lip needs can be met with one Instagram-worthy K-beauty brand.