'Singin' In The Rain' Was Reynolds' 1st Lead Role


In unbelievably sad news, on Wednesday, Debbie Reynolds died at the age of 84, only one day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher, passed away at age 60. Her son, Todd Fisher, confirmed the news and told Variety, "She wanted to be with Carrie." Fans of Reynolds — or, really, just anyone who has at all followed entertainment, knows that Reynolds had an incredibly long career. But, even if you're a fan of her films, you may not have know that Debbie Reynolds' first lead role was in Singin' In The Rain, meaning that her first starring role also became her most memorable.

Singin' In The Rain is, of course, one of the most beloved musicals of all time. In the film, Reynolds, who played Kathy Seldon, held her own in dancing and acting alongside seasoned professionals Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor. With much of the film centered around Kathy secretly dubbing lines for an actor with an unpleasant voice (to put it nicely), Reynolds took center stage and it's no wonder the movie thrust her into the spotlight. While the song "Good Morning" from the film was already around for years before being using in Singin' In The Rain and Reynolds' singing was actually dubbed, it is impossible to think of the song and not picture Reynolds performing it. It might not have been her voice (ironic, given the film's plot), but her acting made it iconic.

While Reynolds would go on to receive many honors throughout her decades-long career, she did not receive any awards for Singin' In The Rain. Still, it's hard to picture Reynolds and not see her dancing on that couch or up on that billboard at the end of the film. Her legacy will undoubtedly live on, just as the film has, for years to come.