Deke Betrays Daisy On 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.' & Maybe Can't Be Trusted After All

ABC/Jennifer Clasen

Whatever "long game" Deke is playing on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. better reveal itself soon, because the handsome rogue is running out of good favor. He's definitely only out for himself. After Deke betrayed her location and identity, Kasius kidnaps Daisy on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and surely plans on selling the "destroyer of worlds" to his Inhuman fight club.

While Jemma is a spy on the inside of the wannabe Eddie Redmayne's court and Coulson's team investigate whatever Virgil was up to, Daisy and Yo-Yo steal a Kree scroll, which the former uses was exploring the facility. She finds some cool hydroponic gardening, but ultimately wanders into a trap. Deke reveals that Quake has arrived on the ship, and she is taken away.

Hopefully Daisy will meet Abby, the young Inhuman who Jemma mentors in the episode. The phasing teen is unknowingly pushed into some sort of gladiator situation, and the poor girl could use a mentor. We learned this week that terregenesis and Inhumans still exist in the future, but are commodities and slaves like everyone else. Does this mean that Yo-Yo will ultimately be discovered and captured? This whole society is still difficult to figure out. Are the Kree interested in Inhumans with abilities, attractive humans who haven't been scratched up by the apocalypse, or both? Is Lady Basha a Kree as well, or a "terran" herself who rose thrugh the ranks?

Hopefully this new company can shed some light into how exactly Daisy was supposed to be the one who destroyed Earth all those years ago. She's right, at the moment her powers aren't that strong. Plus, nothing can explain how the planet's surface became infested with murderous bug aliens. That isn't caused by any kind of quake. Maybe they really are in an alternate universe in addition to being in the future and in Outer Space. Why not toss that into the pot?

Deke is angry to Daisy decides to use the stolen scroll and not his connections to get closer to Jemma — but turning her over is a particularly cruel way of exacting revenge and putting her in her place. Is this the last straw for Deke? If so, it's a shame. He could have been a fun new member of the team, but it's still early. Maybe this is part of Deke's plan, twisted as it is. Maybe he was just trying to get her closer to Jemma. He did seem to be friends with Virgil on the show — and if Deke wasn't a "true believer" in Coulson he was at least somewhat sympathetic to his cause.

Deke is also hard to read on this show, like the alien society, because like any good anti-hero he doesn't seem to want anything other than money or care about serving anyone other than himself. He didn't give up Coulson and the others to Kasius, and that has to count for something.

Also, the guy who was communicating with Virgil was definitely Fitz, right? Like 100 percent that's who he was talking to and that's why he wasn't included in the trip — because Virgil needed him to stay on the ground in the past. How frustrating.

The promo for next Friday's episode shows Daisy in the same arena where Abby's "ceremony" took place. As a skilled and experienced Inhuman, she demonstrates her abilities with ease — but it looks like she just discovers another aspect to this hellish society when put with the other Inhuman champions.

Will Deke and the team get her and Jemma out of there? Will Coulson and the others be able to trust him after what he's done? This situation is just getting trickier by the minute, so if Deke has any goodness left, let's hope he knows what he's doing.