Attention, 'Doctor Who' Fans: "Petrichor" Perfume Is A Thing

by Rosie Narasaki

Doctor Who fans treat the Neil Gaiman-penned The Doctor's Wife with reverence, and it's easy to see why: It's beautifully written and performed — and it introduced us to the concept of petrichor, the smell of dust after rain. Now, years after the episode premiered, Doctor Who-inspired Petrichor perfume has officially hit shelves, thanks to Demeter Fragrance Library — so prepare to flail accordingly. The new scent actually comes as part of a "spring showers" inspired collection for 2017 (other perfumes in the collection include Rain and Thunderstorm) and it's currently available online.

With a name inspired by the Greek goddess of agriculture, Demeter Fragrance Library is a US-based company, whose original goal was to create nature and garden-inspired scents (though they've since expanded past that, with popular picks like their Gin & Tonic and Laundromat fragrances).

Their new cologne makes for a great Doctor Who callback, especially since petrichor was something of a recurring concept — in addition to its introduction as a psychic TARDIS password in The Doctor's Wife, it's also featured as an actual perfume in the world of the show: In a subplot when Amy Pond becomes a model, it's the name and inspiration behind her celebrity fragrance. In Closing Time, the Doctor catches a glimpse of one of her ads in a for the perfume in a department store, along with the tagline, "For the girl who's tired of waiting."

This bit of fictional marketing factors into Demeter Fragrance's real-life marketing, as part of the description of the perfume reads, "For the girl or boy who’s tired of waiting, Demeter’s Petrichor fragrance allows you to travel through time and space straight to the refreshing smell of earth after rain."

Doctor Who fan or not, it's hard not to love that distinct and refreshing post-rainstorm scent — which makes Demeter's new fragrance something of a slam dunk.