This Revolutionary Cream Is An Eyeshadow, Lipstick & Mascara Rolled Into One

by Lauren Sharkey

A makeup bag that's full to the brim with products is hardly a rarity. In fact, if you're a lipstick or eyeshadow fanatic, it's almost a must. But one new beauty brand, Depixym, believes that most of the products out there aren't offering makeup lovers what they truly need: one-size-fits-all. So Depixym has designed that revolutionary makeup product.

It's called Colour Emulsion and, at a first glance, looks like a tube of paint. This appearance isn't miles away from its purpose. With the ability to be used on lips, eyes, and cheeks, it's a long-lasting, waterproof face painter. Currently, 20 shades are available, ranging from vibrant rainbow hues to dark and even nude colours.

Applying it is super easy. Either use a brush, sponge, or your fingers and apply one layer for a sheer look or build up several layers for a stand-out finishing result. You can even mix shades, becoming your very own makeup artist, and turn the product into a colourful mascara.

"We realised consumers always wanted the same things out of their products, including being long-wearing, highly pigmented, blendable, and with zero chance of transferring," founders Victoria Feebery and Alice Rhodes recently told Refinery29. "Instead of having five different products in the same shade, we wanted to make makeup easier by giving people one simple thing that they can use everywhere — one ultimate product that has all of these amazing properties and is safe for use everywhere."

And that's the real beauty of Colour Emulsion. While makeup fans have been using lip products on eyes and vice versa for some time, most of these formulas aren't designed to be multi-purpose. Apply them elsewhere and you run the risk of a nasty allergic reaction. But Depixym's first launch is perfectly safe to wear across your entire face.

At £18 a tube, it may not seem cheap, but its price is way more purse-friendly than buying a lipstick, eyeshadow, blusher, and god knows what else. Plus, according to Refinery29, the tube should last you for quite some time.

Feebery and Rhodes have worked in the beauty industry for years, developing a number of well-known products. But they longed to create something that was gender-neutral and completely rule-free. Depixym therefore emphasises creative freedom as well as a sustainable approach, using recyclable packaging and vegan, cruelty-free formulas.

"We don’t airbrush, retouch photos, or use paid influencers. Instead, we're about 'real' humans, 'real' products, and 'real' pictures," the pair explained to Refinery29. "It’s for everyone, regardless of age or gender, and works on every skin tone and type. The brand has always been about other people. We got tired of labels and stereotypes and wanted to make amazing products for all humans. For him, for her, for them."

It's not clear if or when Depixym will launch other products. But the brand does currently stock a Pride collection, encompassing eight vibrant Colour Emulsions. Costing £115, it offers a saving of £29, and a third of each sale will go toward two LGBTQ+ charities: akt and Mermaids.

Sometimes, news of another beauty brand can be tiring. But this one looks set to really shake things up.