Dermal Diamond Finger Piercings May Make Rings Obsolete & Here's How They Work

A new "accessories" trend is asserting itself on Instagram and it's subversive, non-traditional, and so darn precious. It also looks a tad painful but the end result is worth it. Dermal diamond finger piercings are a thing and they may make actual rings obsolete.

As Marie Claire and other outlets report, this trending look features a dermal diamond that attaches to an anchor that is placed under the skin. The surrounding area is stitched and the diamond is held in place.

It's almost magnetic and it's actually so much more than a trend, which tends to be fleeting. A piercing isn't permanent — but it is long-lasting and makes a statement about your personal style. Plus, this piercing type has actually been circulating on socials for several years while only recently achieving increased visibility.

It's like a diamond ring — without that whole ring part. It's also an incredibly romantic way for brides to express their love and commitment to their significant others instead of or in conjunction with a ring.

If a flashy rings aren't your thing or if you tend to lose finger jewelry, you might want to consider this alternative. It has a unique staying power and could be less expensive.

The piercing is in a precarious, albeit pretty place. It can be positioned anywhere along the length of the finger — from right above or below the knuckle to right below the metacarpals.

The diamond piercings are delicate and elegant, but they also look painful. And we're not just talking about the actual embedding of the anchor or the piercing of the skin.

Since hands are super active throughout daily life, what happens when you accidentally bang your finger onto a door? What about getting caught on clothing while getting dressed? Is it a hassle when using lotions and other body products? Yep, we have questions.

A cursory search of Instagram finds that there are plenty of dermal finger piercings on digits other than the ring finger. Some people have them on the thumb. Others pierced their middle or pinky fingers. So there are options for this type of piercing and they are certainly not relegated to brides!

Ultimately, a person with a pierced finger needs to exercise incredible caution. That's pretty much the case for any piercing. You need to take care of it so it remains healthy and doesn't get infected.

Additionally, if a you opt for this diamond finger piercing, you may need to consider the fact that you will be left with a scar if your decide to remove it for whatever reason. That could be anything from a marriage not working out or because an employer has certain body modification policies in place.

That said, these standalone diamonds are unusual and therefore as much of a conversation starter as giant, pricy rocks.

Also, there are other types of finger piercings with the usual barbell jewelry. However, the dermal diamonds are delightfully unusual. They are both modern and millennial — and they are a fresh take on accessories for one's big day. They also last well beyond the actual wedding ceremony. But they are also super cool for people who want to wear a twist on a standard ring.

The Internet is a house divided over the look, which is the case with many trends.

This tweet proves this type of piercing has been popular for more than a minute and people dig it.

This user isn't a fan of the look, but to each their own.

This tweet isn't feeling it either.

That said, the finger piercing could nudge traditional rings out of their position as the top accessory for fingers. Because why not?!