The Johnsons Celebrate In The 'black-ish' Finale

by Kayla Hawkins
Ron Tom/ABC

After finding out that Bow was pregnant at the end of Season 2, it stands to reason that new son Devante Johnson was born in the black-ish Season 3 finale. And while I love the way black-ish messes with sitcom conventions and talks about real issues, but that experimentation only goes so far. The show was never going to kill off Rainbow Johnson or her baby in the Season 3 finale. But what is was going to do is use Bow's pre-eclamsia, a serious condition that has plagued women both real and fictional (Kim Kardashian and Lady Sybil!) to draw some sad moments, and maybe even a tear or two, out of its audience. It's not the strongest episode the show has ever done, but it's effective.

Of course, Tracee Ellis Ross mixes tears and laughs perfectly when her resolve weakens and she begins to worry about her health and the baby's future. Pops may refuse to sugar coat anything for the kids, but he's there for the family. And there was even a moment where Ruby called Bow her "daughter" and stood up for her. I mean, Dre will never cozy up to Johan, but the purpose of the episode was to celebrate how close they are, and how they've become one of TV's iconic families.

If there's one thing I wish didn't have to be in this episode, it was the whole framing device of the baby shower. I mean, it just wasn't particularly funny, it is a little ridiculous that a parent of four would be looking for a bunch of gifts for their fifth child, and the idea that all the Johnsons really need is their immediate family by their side isn't all that surprising since they don't often hang out with friends. And I would have rather spent a little more time with baby Devante, who is so adorable I just can't handle it.

But this finale wasn't really meant to be the best or the funniest episode of the season. It was meant as a goodbye to the characters until the series (hopefully) returnins in the fall. And it was meant as a hello to the newest member of the family — and it succeeded at those two measures.