Video Shows Diamond Reynolds & Her Daughter After Philando Castile's Shooting

Stephen Maturen/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A Minnesota police officer, Jeronimo Yanez, was recently acquitted of all charges in the shooting that left Philando Castile dead last summer. Following the verdict, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension released a new video of Castile's girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, and their daughter in the back of a squad car. In a two-minute excerpt from the full 90-minute video, Reynolds' daughter is seen consoling her as they react to Castile's fatal shooting.

An emotional Reynolds is first shown shouting an expletive after her phone dies. Her daughter pleads with her to stop screaming, saying, "I don't want you to get shooted." Then in a heartbreaking moment, she tells her mother: "I can keep you safe." Later, when Reynolds suggests that she wants to remove her handcuffs, her daughter again worries that she will get shot.

"They're not going to shoot me, I'm already in handcuffs," Reynolds assures her daughter.

Toward the end of the video, Reynolds' daughter is shown clearly devastated, telling her mother that she wished their town was safer because she didn't "want it to be like this anymore." Reynolds responds by encouraging her daughter to tell the police how she feels.

"Tell them you wish they did not have to kill people," Reynolds says.

This footage was filmed on a rear-facing camera in the squad car where Reynolds and her daughter were held for almost an hour, according to The Huffington Post. Just one day prior this video's public release, officials made public the disturbing dashcam footage of the shooting, as well as the moments leading up to it.

Larry Rogers, a civil rights attorney representing Reynolds, told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that everyone needs to see this video, even though it is difficult and traumatic to watch.

“Diamond has always wanted the world to see what happened to Philando, her and [her daughter],” Rogers said. “And while the jury exonerated Officer Yanez, I think the public sentiment is important. It’s important for the public to see exactly what he did to Philando. It’s important for the public to see the trauma he caused Diamond and her daughter.”

Despite the overwhelming video evidence in Castile's fatal shooting, Yanez was still acquitted, which has led activists to wonder what more it would take for them to get an indictment in a police brutality case.

Trevor Noah adeptly pointed this out in a recent Daily Show segment in which he discussed the dashcam footage of Castile's shooting.

"Are we all watching the same video? The video where a law-abiding man followed the officer’s instructions to the letter of the law and was killed regardless? People watched that video and then voted to acquit?" Noah asked. "And the saddest thing is, that wasn’t the only video that they watched.”