Did Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake Have A Sex Tape? 'Britney Ever After' Makes A Bold Claim

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Saturday night, Britney Ever After made a pretty bold claim when the Lifetime movie alleged that Britney Spears and Justin Timebrlake had a sex tape. The biopic's plot point about Spears allegedly getting robbed and having an alleged sensitive tape go missing in the robbery may have caught longtime fans of the pop stars off guard — because there's absolutely no evidence that such a tape is real. Bustle reached out to both Britney Spears' and Justin Timberlake's reps for comment and to Lifetime about the choice of including the scene, but has not heard back at this time. Bustle also previously reached out to Spears' reps about her thoughts on the film in general but did not hear back. However, after the movie was first announced, reps for Spears told Us Weekly, "Britney Spears will not be contributing in any way, shape or form to the Lifetime biopic ... nor does it have her blessing." At the end of the movie, the network aired this disclaimer: "Although based on a true story, some characters are fictionalized composites, and some events have been compressed, reorganized or fictionalized for purposes of dramatization."

Britney Ever After alleged the existence of a tape right at the top of the first hour. In the movie, the chain of alleged events happens like this: While Spears and Timberlake are dating, the beach house where the Spears family is staying gets robbed. While Spears combs through the ransacked first floor, Timberlake walks in and quietly tell Spears "that tape" was stolen.

But, this movie moment has the potential to draw negative attention for Britney Ever After because, to the best of my knowledge and the powers of Google, there are no reports of an alleged stolen Spears and Timberlake sex tape from the early '00s. In fact, there are no reports of an alleged sex tape's existence at all. According to Entertainment Weekly, Spears did admit to W magazine in 2003 that she and Timberlake had slept together two years into dating, but neither party has ever commented further on the nature of their sexual relationship — nor should they have to, since that's a private matter.

Since, from the very beginning of Britney Ever After's production, it was made clear by Spears' rep that Spears would not be working with the production team, there's definitely a kind of disconnect between subject and story. So, it's impossible to tell which scenes are real and which were invented or dramatized for effect. But, considering the lack of evidence for this scene in particular, it appears that this is one aspect of the movie not based on reality but instead made up to heighten the drama.