The Latest Rumor In The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Gang Involves James & His BFF

It feels like the gossip mill on Vanderpump Rules just never stops. If it feels like there's a new rumor every episode, that's because there is. In a preview for the next episode, Jax says that Logan claims that he and James have hooked up. In the clip, James responds with, "Wait. What?"

James' girlfriend, Raquel, tells him, "I don't want to have to deal with another person saying that they're f*cking my boyfriend." James' ex-girlfriend Kristne is then shown telling Stassi and Brittany, "Do I think James wants to date guys? No. Do I think that James has ever waded in the penis pond? Yeah, I do." Obviously, Monday night's episode will be full of speculation about a possible James and Logan hookup. And more likely than not, that speculation will continue into future episodes, as well.

There has been tension between James, Logan, and Raquel from the very first episode this season. Raquel walked into James' apartment ready to stay there for the summer while she's home from school, and Logan was less than thrilled that his best friend kicked him out of the apartment, so he could spend some quality time with his girlfriend.

And during the Monday, January 22 episode, the instantly infamous Pastagate conversation went down. During the convo, James told Logan and Lala, “Are you excited for me that I’m happy in a relationship?” Logan mumbled, "Barely," which really isn't something a "best friend" would normally say.

That's when James asked, "Do you have a problem with her?” And this lead to Lala's iconic revelation that they ate Raquel's pasta.

Later, during that same episode, James asked Logan (in front of Raquel), “Do I think you’re in love with me? Absolutely.” Logan confessed, "Oh, you’re in love with me, also." Poor Raquel. James insisted his love for Logan was "as a best friend," but they managed to turn Raquel into the third wheel during that awkward conversation.

Finally, Logan acknowledged Raquel's existence and told her, “Me and James just have a very deep relationship, so for me, it’s like, I just always look out for him, you know?” Obviously, that didn't sit well with Raquel who said, “Yeah, but there’s something going on." And that exchange set the stage for the next episode.

Here's the thing, though: These episodes were filmed months ago. Whether it happened or not, James must have been upset that Logan was saying they hooked up to other people and in front of the cameras considering he has a girlfriend. Nevertheless, it does seem like everything is copacetic these days. As of this moment, it's unclear if they just breezed past this issue or if it took a long time for everyone to be on good terms, but based on social media it is clear that James and Raquel are still dating and James and Logan are still close friends. Logan and Raquel even follow each other on Instagram, which is another good sign.

Not only that, but it really doesn't look like James and Raquel ever "broke up." A few months ago, when Jax and Brittany were dealing with their own issues, they were constantly following and deleting each other on Instagram, whereas James and Raquel have appeared to be pretty steady with their posts for the past few months. Social media isn't always an indication of the whole truth, but it really does look like the couple has been fine for a while. They even joked about the pasta incident in two separate posts on Instagram.

Even the friendship between James and Logan seems strong. James has been in the last seven posts that Logan has shared on Instagram. James has been posting about his relationship with Raquel and the show for the most part. Logan hasn't appeared on James' Instagram account since March 2017, but James' true fans have seen that the two have been hanging out in James' Instagram stories, which disappear 24 hours after they're posted.

Whether a hookup between James and Logan is simply a rumor or if it ends up being true, it is evident that James is on good terms with both his "best friend" and his girlfriend these days. And, as always, the truth will eventually come out on Vanderpump Rules.